September 08, 2014

The cuteness can't be contained.

Don't you love it when your {damn} family expands?
I do.

Coach's mom and stepdad held down the fort while we were in Chi-town last weekend.
They adopted a sweet little yellow lab from some friends of ours the day before we left.

 His name is Toby.
As in Toby Keith.
And no, he isn't covered in tattoos or raises hell.

They are keeping with tradition. Right now they have Jackson {Brown} a chocolate lab; 13 years, Carly {Simon} 10 years and they just lost JT  {James Taylor}, a black lab, a year ago.
They like labs and good music. 

Even Lindsay had to come home to see this bundle of joy. 

My MIL Sue is in love with him. He is really SO sweet!
She stated that this will be her last dog…..when he is 12, she will be 80!!
Don't do the math…cause I'm not giving out her age here. 
Did everyone have a good weekend? Any new pups in your life?


  1. Toby is a cutie!

  2. very cute {from afar!} so glad they can enjoy this pup! and lids looks like she is in love!

  3. OH! That is a precious Toby! No pets here. Achoo! :-(

  4. ADORABLE! i love labs, too. so very sweet!

  5. Nothing sweeter than a little puppy. Just adorable.

  6. Ahhhh---Toby is adorable.. I LOVE puppies --but then for some reason they grow up!!!!! (Just like kids... ha)

    When I'm 80, I might just GET another dog --if we are not traveling so much anymore..... Just sayin'


  7. ohhhhh he is so cute! what a sad thought to think that that will be her last puppy. no new puppies here. ozzy is 3 and spoiled. usually we have 2 dogs at a time but ozzy really likes having our undivided attention i think!

  8. Congratulations to them! Love labs.

    No new dogs here. But we have been to the animal shelter a few times to look.

  9. Goodness, he's adorable and I love the names they picked for their dogs.

  10. I want a puppy!!!! I love the rock and roll naming sequence too. Toby is just too cute. Sign me up to puppy sit!

  11. Toby sure is cute. No wonder everyone loves him.

  12. Oooohhhh...I want one of those puppies! But they grow into dogs, and I don't know how to train them not to pee in the house. So I'll stick with cats. Glad that you had a get-away with your man!

  13. Oh my goodness, he is AMAZING!!!!! Every life needs a puppy! Puppies are the best! I don't get baby fever, I get puppy fever!

  14. Oh my goodness, he is amazing!!!!!! I don't get baby fever, I get puppy fever!!!


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