September 29, 2014

Fall. Fall where?

Sunday morning I awoke to the smell of bacon. Just like every Sunday.
Ughh. I know I'm a wendy whiner, but I loathe the smell of bacon in the house.
I did however feel a nip in the air and that curbed my whininess for a moment.

Me: "Coach, is it nippy outside? Has FALL arrived?"
Coach: "well, it's so hot out that I fell over. Is that what you were wondering?"

I suppose the nip I felt was the a/c running to keep us at 73*.

Fall isn't here yet.
Not even close.

But, I'm moving forward in a positive mode….my fall seeds have been started.

Now, I command thee to grow!
I also command thee weather to cool off….but if I hear of a freeze coming, I'll commit harry Carey!
Did I say Harry Carey? I mean Hari-Kari!
See, I just want it to be perfect.
Is that too much to ask?
I think NOT!


  1. I see you have cilantro....I love it! Hoping you cool off soon!

  2. Oh no, I found something we don't agree on! ;-) I love the smell of bacon in the morning - especially if it means I'm not the one cooking it! We (especially Nadia and the hubby) are bacon lovers! Hope it cools off to the perfect temp for you soon!

  3. agree on the bacon which is why it is cooked outside on the grill :) happy monday :)

  4. The smell of bacon cooking should be restricted to an early morning campsite experience! Nothing can beat it then :)

  5. Have to disagree with you on the bacon. I love me some bacon! (And I bake mine in the oven...less mess but it still smells like bacon so I guess that wouldn't help you any!)

  6. It was 79 degrees yesterday and it's supposed to be 69 today. Fall is pushing it's way in every other day or so. Hope you get some fall weather soon!

  7. You loathe the smell of bacon?!? That's just crazy talk!!!

    1. I agree, Woody... We need to teach that girl a thing or two!!!!!! ha

  8. The only thing that makes me hate the smell of bacon is knowing I can't eat it! LOL We have gotten a few nips in the air already in the last little while. The past weekend wasn't really about the nip though, sadly. Looking forward to fall, even though our summer hasn't been all that bad (hot..just not ever the top every single day hot) Happy Monday. : )

  9. we're still hitting 90s during the day, but at least the nights have cooled into the 60s.

  10. What a blessing to be able to plant pretty much year round - - right? Fresh produce is such a delicious luxury!

  11. haha!!!! not too much to ask!! the delivery of perfect should be in january! your seedlings look great!

  12. Bacon taste = excellent. Smell of bacon cooking = good. Bacon scent lingering in the air all day = yuck.

  13. i think you are probably the ONLY person on the planet to not like the smell of bacon lol...oh, look it that healthy basil plant, mmmmm! it's fall-y here...the boys have a football game at 5 today and i'll need my hoodie!

  14. Fall is HERE (you may need to venture north to get a dose of the cooler temps). We have enough to share - I just brought out the heaters and started drinking tea again! It's 50 shades of gray in Western WA - and not the kind in those books (not that I've read them; it's what I heard). ;)

  15. I remember hating the weather in Fall --when I lived in Texas (and Florida)... I love Autumn--and love seeing the tree turn colors.. SO special.

    On the other hand, I love visiting Texas/Florida in March --when things are brown here --and a beautiful GREEN there... SO---It's a toss-up, isn't it???

    I love smelling bacon cooking --wherever it is.... Always makes me hungry.

  16. It is TOO HOT!!!! Honestly, do you ever get used to this?

  17. Today it felt so much like fall here I was complaining that winter had come. I had to wear sweatpants and flip flops. Craziness.

  18. your FALL seeds...... and we have already had 2 frosts.....

  19. So someone else is cooking bacon on a Sunday morning? And you were still in bed? And the house is chilly so you can slide back under the covers for a while? And you are whining? :)


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