April 22, 2014

So let's dance the last dance

Linds had her final dance last week.
 She's been dancing since I forced her into trying it 10 years ago. Perhaps 'forced' is a strong word….but there were tears upon entering the dance studio, but she promised me she would TRY it.
She danced at a studio for many years and when high school rolled around she was part of the marching band….on the field during football season making halftime fun for all. 
Daily practices and late Friday nights were the norm. Not to mention all the astro turf I found in the bathroom when she took off her dance shoes and tights. 
I will forever feel guilty from her part in killing the ozone layer with those cans of aqua net to keep the hairs in place. I'm sorry earth. 

When football season was over, the dancers would move into "indoor season"; competitions, pep rallies, recitals. 
 High school dance activities kept her focused on something positive so she didn't get pulled into the crapola some teens sample during these years. I'm thankful for that. 
 I thought I would cry after her last performance, but I didn't. 
I'm thinking those two hours sitting on the hardest bleachers on the planet distracted my pain from my heart to my butt and back. 
 So proud of my little dancer.

Up next; graduation party planning, announcement making and dorm supply shopping. 

I'm thinking a few boxes of Puffs Plus will be in order. 


  1. What a great photo of the 3 of you. These next few months will be full of fun and change for Linds. All the best to her!

  2. Keeping kids busy during their school years can make a total difference. Kudos to you as her mama for insisting years ago that she dance. XOX

  3. That's a great picture of you and your girls! I can't even imagine one of our girls leaving the house for college yet. Probably should start thinking about it though, Hannah will be done with high school in two years. :-(

  4. The last dance had to be bitter-sweet, but Linds is obviously a wonderful (and beautiful) dancer. I'm sure graduation season is going to keep you busy.

  5. a bittersweet time...i cried my head off at ashlyn's she's graduating from our community college next month then moving on...pass the tissues :/

  6. why did we not remember how had the seats were last year?!?! we should have brought our fancy stadium seats!!!! but i LOVED watching her!!!! {wish i could have seen her solo!!!}

  7. i had to scroll back and looks at her cute little baby face :) i just love her <3

  8. You have compensated the ozone layer with all the plants you have put in your garden and yard so it's equal if not heavily balanced for good by you. Yes - - - I remember those emotions well when our second and last daughter graduated but it was more relief that we were done with public school!!!

  9. AH---what a beautiful young lady --and what talent... Will she dance at all in college? Where did she decide to go this Fall? I know that she (unlike Lo) was thinking about going farther away from home... I'm sure this grieves you --if that is true. BUT---all kids need to sew their oats and get on their own sooner or later... THAT will be a hard time for you, my Friend. (Been there).....


  10. I can't believe it is happening again: GRADUATION. I'm not ready yet, are you? Congratulations to your sweet & lovely girl. xoxo

  11. Susan Walker4/22/14, 7:41 PM

    I can't stand all of this kids-growing-up-and-having-the-nerve-to-have-LASTS stuff! What happened to the FIRSTS? First smile, first tooth, first step, first time they vomited and I actually caught it in my bare hands? (Ick.) I didn't sign up for this. Sigh.

    Hope you're all feeling better, Suz! xoxo

  12. Oh how we miss it when it's gone. I miss the dramas and the musicals and the ball fields and the stage. When she leaves, copy the song, "I Hope You Dance." I did that when my daughter when away to college. She still has it. Don't we hope they will always dance?

  13. I can't imagine our life without dance, and yet I can!! The hours a dancer puts in is amazing! Congrats to your dancer and yes, you had better buy some puffs. I imagine those tears are just in shock!

  14. HOW AWESOME :) you nailed it though, saying she found dance not trouble-- it was the same with me and art, if I had not gotten into it I would have been the worst juvenile delinquent indeed, and every teen needs SOMETHING, like softball or art or writing or dance or nuclear physics :)

  15. How bittersweet! But she's such a beautiful young woman. I know you are proud!

    But college? YIKES!!

  16. Kudos to Suz for directing her daughters to have a sport to enjoy and work on while in high school. I am convinced that the most successful college students and future adults are the ones who participated in activities in high school. Congrats, Linds.

  17. She looks so graceful!
    Cort just started dance. He's been begging. And begging. And begging. So finally we took his Christmas money and bought him some lessons. He is loving it!

  18. Awww...bella is graduating from 6th grade and I'm feeling very emotional about that...what will I do when it is high school? ;)

  19. Yay to the end of hard benches...but so sad to end it....I still go to watch basketball even though I have no one on the high school team to watch...(except former students!)

    Dorm shopping was fun! Did you know you can order stuff at Bed Bath and Beyond and pick it up at the store near the college? Saved us trips to the store...only there has to e a BBB near the college.
    Have fun!!

  20. I love that marching band dance photo of her. What a smile! Good job Mom!


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