April 29, 2014

Pooh here and pooh there.

Our Saturday morning started with the pooh being scared out of me.
And no, not the Winnie The Pooh kind of pooh.

My sweet as heck nephew Bryan was involved in a head-on collision early that morning, and for an hour or so, I wasn't sure what his condition was.
I was getting bits and pieces from the news and you know who reliable they are. Not so much.
Thank the good lord he survived…physically he will heal, emotionally, it will take time. He was/is so very lucky.
I just could not imagine our life without him.
Life is fleeting.
Life is so very precious.
I'm so thankful he is still here that I might not threaten to shank him for at least a year.
Or six months. Whichever comes first.
Bryan is just a little guy….with a big personality. 

Our calendars are already filled up with grad parties here and there, squeezing in necessary volunteer hours, final exams, work and a doctors visit or two. I have lists scattered here and there regarding guests, announcements, shopping, to-do and to- don't. 
Ok, I don't actually write a to-don't list….that would be weird.

Any non-drama happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. So very thankful that Bryan is ok. Prayers for a quick recovery.
    Busy time for your family. Be sure to share lots of pics!

  2. wait, he had this terrible accident just before graduation? oh jeez.... best wishes to all

  3. Glad he's OK. His graduation is coming up then?

  4. That must have been very scary for all of you, I am so glad he's ok. Wish I could say there was non-drama here, but we spent several hours in our storm shelter yesterday. Bad storms moved through our area and more on the way today. :-( Hate this part about living in our area...

  5. Well, that's scary! Glad he is here and on the mend. Hopefully you can get back to your previously scheduled programming now with all manner of grad stuff and etc. We have had a bit of and out of urgent care and dr appt for my girl. She's fine but it just seems like when it rains, it pours. Hoping we can all have a 'normal' day, whatever that is. lol

  6. Glad he's okay!!! Nothing much going on here except that I am anxiously awaiting thunder storms, hail, high winds and potential tornadoes for the next two days. And my old washing machine has just started making an outrageous noise through the whole spin cycle so I am anticipating a hefty purchase.

    When it rains....

  7. so glad he is ok... scary. news news? or news from family? let me know if you need help with that to-do list!!!! so excited to see linds' announcement!!! {got kenzi's and see that her party will be over-or-just about- when yours starts!!!} you still have dibs on the dispensers :) xoxo

  8. Wow, scary! So happy that he's gonna be okay. It may stay with him his whole life. I know a terrible car accident I was in as a child can still cause a shiver to go through me. Good luck with all your plans. Oh and my life is dull no excitement here.

  9. oh, my! i am so sorry to hear of his accident, but glad the prognosis for recovery is good!

  10. Susan Walker4/29/14, 1:04 PM

    I am SO SORRY about the accident! Thank GOD he's okay. I know firsthand how traumatic that kind of news can be. Big hugs to you and your entire family, and healing vibes/prayers for Bryan.

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your nephew's accident, but I am glad to hear that he will okay. I can't imagine anything more frightening than being involved in a head-on collision. Your life is going to be hectic for the next few weeks, but I do hope you put 'have fun' on your to-do lists.

  12. Well I am glad to hear Bryan is going to be okay ~
    I got one of those calls once on a New Years eve about ten years ago
    and it does make you realize how precious life and loved ones are .
    Luckily our neck of the woods is good today ~
    chickens shaking their tail feathers and fresh eggs !

  13. oh my gosh, that is so scary...sending prayers for a very speedy recovery!

  14. How unbelievably scary! Glad he will be okay. Whew all around!
    No drama here thank goodness!

  15. Suz, I'm so thankful that he is safe and recovering! Yikes. God bless all of you. I'm sending {{{HUGS}}}.
    I was on a road trip this weekend with Laura (remember her Live Happy! blog?) - we drove 5 hours to see David before graduation, stayed two nights, and drove 5 hours home, without drama - unless you count weather drama: everything from sunshine to rain to hail to SNOW on the way!
    I know you'll be busy in the coming weeks, so please stay rested and take lots of photos to share. Post them at your convenience, of course, but please take at least a few! ;)

  16. Oh how terrifying. So glad he's going to be alright.

  17. What a relief! I felt terrible tonight--hubs saw a car like mine burning on TV--at the right time and place to be mine and I sat there caught in the traffic for 45 minutes while I didn't notice him calling!

  18. What a relief! I felt terrible tonight--hubs saw a car like mine burning on TV--at the right time and place to be mine and I sat there caught in the traffic for 45 minutes while I didn't notice him calling!


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