November 08, 2013

I smell a rat

Our felines have always made me cra cra crazy...but now one of them took it upon his/herself to create a cat door on the lanai.
So, now they saunter in and out as they please. 

Actually, they usually saunter OUT the new cat door and then stand at the front door to be let in. THEN they want to be back on the lanai{with their food/water/litter boxes}....
then guess what....they saunter out the new cat door and onto the front porch again and stare at me through the glass doors.

I'm trying to figure out which was the culprit here: was it the flip flop chewer Harley?

 Or the wild banshee Krispy?

Surely it wouldn't be our mature old, slower than molasses Maisy.  
Nahh....that girl barely opens her eyes these days.

Oh, I spoke too soon.  Maisy did open her eyes and actually got off her throne....then she sauntered out the new cat door.  
The brazin' hussy.

The cats getting out into the wild results in things like this: The reminder/sign I left for the Coach.
Wait, was Stuart Little a rat or a mouse? 
Because what I needed the Coach to dispose of certainly smelled like a rat. 
Oh, Rattatouie....that is what he had to remove from my rose bed! I get my animated critters confused. 

In other news,  my garden is going LOCO. And that is the kind of insanity I can tolerate!

Wishing you all a great weekend with as little insanity as possible....and NO rats!


  1. Clearly cats rule the roost. It was the same deal at our house.....:)

  2. We have two cats and they stay inside all day and sleep and then I put them outside at night. Every morning they come rushing in for breakfast. One will go straight to the food bowls (which are already full) and the other one will go to the garage door where she knows the food is kept and cry even though she just walked right past the full food bowls. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!

  3. Suz, you crack me up. Have a great weekend.

  4. silly kitties. like my dogs - in/out/in/out/in/out ALL DAY LONG! 4 of them back and forth!

  5. My cats are in/out all day too. Annoying.

  6. Perhaps the cats felt they had to do something because they felt Cocoa and Ozzie were getting too much of your attention. Your garden is looking good.

  7. My 6 are inside all the time.....I've recently resorted to putting alum. foil on my new sofa/chair to prevent them from sleeping and mis-shaping the cushions!!! Remember the days of putting foil on TV antennaes?
    Love the looks of your veggies!
    Wishing you all a fab weekend.

  8. Your cats are clearly telling you to install a cat door at the front door as well. Lets just hope they don't try to do it themselves. ;-) Your garden looks great! Ours it pretty bare with nice little "holes" throughout. The chickens have discovered the empty beds and like to take dust baths there now. Always something...

  9. I love this post! : ) Your cats are adorable...and how dare they bring you presents. ; ) Have a great weekend after you dispose of "Stuart".

  10. I was cracking up reading the play by play of your cats going out, coming in, going out, coming in. Sounds strangely like my house most days. Beautiful kitties you have.

  11. I kept my cat in the house. One I had years ago got into fights outside and always came home injured.

  12. Oh, who can blame those sweet innocent feline faces??!! Harley, Krispy and sleepy Maisy..."Who me??" I love Orange kitties...did Krispy have a tail injury at some point, it looks a bit, well, short? I have a black cat now and she is an inside cat named daughter argues that she is fat and now we have agreed that she has short legs and is low to the ground and so her tummy seems bigger than a tall cat's tummy would. Yep, that's the story and I'm sticking to I toss Kitty treats around the room for her to fetch!!

  13. Always smiles to be found here ...Ratatouie lol
    Loved seeing all your ginger cats !


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