January 16, 2010

Blink. Blink. It happened again.

Another day.
Another year.
Another dance.
The Winter DANCE.
Another year that I am proud to be her (their) Mama.
(yes, they call me Mama. Cause we grew up on a NOT farm)
When Lo put on her heels, Linds said: “Wow, it is like standing next to a skyscraper!!! “

hair and makeup by: Mama.
Oh the conversation while I was applying makeup….”don’t give me hooker eyes…Oh, no I could not do that. But I would try if you wanted that.”
that is what a good Mom would do. Right????
Dress and shoes picked out by Lo and Linds.
Pride and tears swallowed by: Mama.
She drove herself to and from the dance in Daddy’s pick up truck. She met up with her girlfriends.

Friends and fun now. Boys and drama later.
I love these days.
I love my kids.


  1. Oh Suz, She is just so gorgeous. I know you are so proud of her --and Linds too of course, who will get her chance with all of the fancy dances in the future.

    Love her dress and Mama did a great job with the hair and make-up... She is drop-dead GORGEOUS.

  2. She is the kind of girl I wanted to be when I was her age. Hell, I still want to be! :)

  3. She is SO beautiful! You are one lucky mama!!

  4. She looks SO great. And so grown up. Now stop it right this second. Why don't they listen when we tell them to stop growing up? LOVE her dress. She is GORGEOUS! Both of them are. And you know who they look EXACTLY like, right? Their Mama!

  5. That is the cutest dress! She looks gorgeous.

  6. Those girls are both so darn pretty! Are they short? They look like little dolls.

    Love the dress and shoes. Mama did good with the hair and makeup.

    I didn't look like that when I was 16, 18, 21....

  7. Oh she is lovely. Just lovely. I love to see the light and energy and possibilities on her beautiful face. You must be so proud. And I'm so glad there are still loving, caring, wonderful Mamas in the world.

  8. Fun pictures! Lo looks lovely in her dress and her hair and makeup are perfect! I love that Linds is standing on her tiptoes in one photo! What beautiful blessings they are!

  9. How could anyone NOT love them, they are so gorgeous and talented, sweet and funny - and they are YOURS!!

    Precious youth. Embrace it all you can, while you can!!

  10. Oh my gosh! She's a grown up!

    Great job on the hair and makeup...not that she needs it to look gorgeous.

  11. I love the skyscraper comment. That's how I feel standing next to my daughter every day.

    Great dress, great shoes, great look, great girls, great Mama!

  12. Your daughters are beautiful. Yes, there lives seem to speed by so quickly...right in front of our eyes. And now I am watching my grandchildren's lives...blink,blink...

  13. What gorgeous girls you have...and they ARE at such a fun age. You can see their sweetness in their smiles and their eyes. You are doing great work, MAMA! (That's what I wanted to be called, too, but my kids refused, after they got older).

    Non-sequitur: clafoutis is a French custard dessert. This one had cherries in it, and was just sweet enough, not too sweet. My friend made it. We ate it during the movie and YUM. Wish you could have been here. XO

  14. lovely.
    so glamorous and elegant.
    and what's even nicer than the outward good looks and grace, is that Lo is surely an independent, confident and bright young woman who knows who she is. way to go Lo!
    well done mama!!

  15. yes indeedy, those are some high heels! You're lucky to have such nice kids, and they are even luckier to have parents like you :)

  16. Beautiful girls for sure. Lo looks like one of the Disney Princesses...that's okay to say, right? What I mean is she looks perfect in her formal wear. Just missing the crown. Now I've lost track of her age. Not 16 yet?? ANywhooo, you did a good job on the hair & makeup Mama!

    Now a little 15 yr. old story: I remember when Jessica called me into her bathroom so we could look into the mirror,side by side.I thought it was so sweet. SHe was looking at me, then herself and saying "hmmm,yes,hmmm" and I was like,"What the....?" She ssid,"I'm just trying to figure out where I should put the cream so I don't get the same wrinkles when I'm older." Nice,huh?! (Made me laugh, as THEN I wasn't anywhere near as wrinkled as I am now!)

  17. She's just the sweetest and prettiest young lady! Mama, you should be proud and I know you are!

  18. i love your kids too...
    i knew nothing of a dance! guess my laura didn't feel like dancing this weekend :)

  19. Two beautiful girls Momma! They are beautiful!!

  20. Oh...she looks sooo grown up. Have fun with them each and every chance you get...these years fly by...


  21. Lo looks beautiful, all dressed up for the dance.
    It's both fun and bittersweet to watch the kids grow up.

  22. CUTE Kid :) I like the Skyscraper comment...I will have to use that on BIG Foot...he's 8" taller than me....and I am 5' 10"...Happy 3 Day Weekend, lMnop

  23. You have a very beautiful daughter -- actually two beautiful daughters. I hope Coach is enjoying these days of friends and fun. I remember the days of boys and drama with my daughter.

  24. She is beautiful. I would have swelled up too.
    They grow up way too fast.

  25. She's so pretty - they both are actually! You are lucky to get your daughter in a dress...mine wouldn't be caught dead in one these days!

  26. She looks lovely, good job with the hair and makeup. You all have excellent taste!

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