January 28, 2010

TGIF; Wrapping up the week with a few transformations.

The first transformation: I almost ended my life yesterday eating one of these.


It would have been embarrassing to go that way.

I can see the obituary:

Suz died by choking on an overly dry organic cracker that she greedily took from the Jason’s Deli salad bar.

And by greedily, I mean I take about 6 of these each time I get a salad.

They make a nice snack for later. A DEATH snack.

Have I told you how much I love spray paint?

I LOVE IT! And not just for huffing.

I use it for real stuff!

When the painters took off the lantern lights from the back garage, I was shocked at how nasty they looked.

I contemplated dumping them.

P1040253 P1040255

But you know, I loathe adding to the landfill.

So I took the time, taped up all the glass and I splurged on a can of spray paint.

Flat black is awesome.


Please don’t give me hell for the earth killing bulbs…I did not put them in there. I have plenty of the swirly low light output guys around.

There was also a casualty last week. Between the pressure washing and the painting, my front door bunny took a beating.


She probably did not see it coming.

Burial later today.

I try not to let these things get me down.

I found a replacement.


Make new friends, but bury keep the old, one is black silver and the other is some funky color. And about to become semi-black.


I think that little bowl Maribel is holding will be a great hiding spot for the house key.

She was not done drying at press time. I already heart her.

In other non-important news:

We replaced our kitchen table light and bar pendant lights.

We have had the same lights for 13 years…

Just like the Democratic party, I was ready for change.

OLD: Brown/Brass=Poop.

New: Brushed nickel=up to date.

I love home depot!!!

I took pictures, but they don’t look that great.

What are you doing this weekend?

Putting away your Christmas tree? Shameful.

Getting out your valentines Day tree? Weird.

Doesn’t it annoy you when people call it ValentiMes day? Weirdos.

What is up with that? grrrr…

Bee Sweet People!!!


  1. Hopefully sleeping a lot! I love Jason's Deli potatoes.

  2. Yes, valentiMes drives me CRAZY!!! Love Marebel. And, thanks for telling us where to find your house key! ;-)

  3. What are you doing drinking so much caffeine so late at night???!!!! Love the new bunny, sorry about the old bunny... This weekend I am having a party, going to a party, watching soccer, watching basketball and passing out on the couch. That pretty much sums it up! G'night sweet lady! Glad you are so happy!

  4. I am terrified of paint. I never touch the stuff. People that do really impress me!

  5. Oh---your outside lamps look good... You did a good job 'fixin' em up'.... Poor little bunny... Couldn't you repair him rather than buy him????? But the new one is cute!! She does look like a Maribel.

    We all like change --and what you have done is GREAT... BUT--sometimes, the change we get is not what we want!!!!! Hmmmm... Wonder what Miss Betsy is talking about????? ha ha


  6. I am glad to see that your outside lights turned out so good. I have a couple that I was thinking of spray painting. SO I think I'll do it!

    This weekend? Probably just holed up, out of the ice storm, watching movies, and eating junk;)

  7. Oh man, I REALy hate it when people say Valentimes. Of course, I haven't heard anyone say that since grade school, but it really bugged me then. You are quite the little Martha Stewart with the paint can eigh? Your handiwork looks great.
    Tomorrow I'm having lunch with an old buddy I met at Bible study about 15 years ago...We haven't seen each other in probably 5 years.Can hardly wait.

    Patrick is suppossed to be working on the w.c. (again).You would croak if you knew how small it is and how long this has taken. Like I said,if it ever gets finished I'll do a post.

  8. i am so glad we got talk before you ate your jason's deli! you know, in case you did die from that cracker! i'm so glad you managed to swallow the dry bits. so glad.
    i love your transformations, and can't wait to check them out! but, ummm... the bunny bowl? not a good place for the key- it could fall right out. i think maybe tie one on a ribbon and hang it around her neck instead... happy friday, friend!

  9. In bloglandia there are almost as many people singing praises to spray paint as, well, there are to the BIG GUY! But hey, it does perform miracles, each and every time. Good Job!

    Maribel is awfully cute, but really, don't you think putting an extra house key on or near any lawn art is obvious? Dig a hole in a flower pot or a flower garden and put it there.....I'll feel so much better knowing you and yours are safe. Really.

  10. I love what a little spray paint can do! The lamps turned out great! Do you think you could glue the bunny ear back on?

    We've only been to Jason's Deli once. On vacation. We have them here, but never go. lol

  11. I so hope I never break my leg when I visit you. Not that I have plans to visit you, so exhale now. Your lights turned out beautifully. I have the same bulbs which is crazy because why do I choose to make the driveway brighter, but I use the swirly ones in the house which is so dim I feel like maybe I have cataracts (but only at night when the lights are on.) We have a sleepover birthday party here tomorrow night. Several 7 and 8 year old boys - one of whom rsvp'd w/o actually being invited.

  12. How would you like to come to Tennessee to work some of your spray can magic? The lights look great. I'm glad you survived the cracker.
    We're going to spend the weekend watching the weather. Hopefully we'll see more snow than ice.

  13. I have never had anything from Jason's Deli. Knowing me though, I would LOVE whatever is there... It's sad but true, I rarely meet a food I do NOT enjoy... MAN!

    Your new paint did a number on those lights. It looks fan freaking tastic.

    I am sorry about the bunny!

  14. Spray paint is awesome. Love your project and sorry for the loss of Bunny. "ValentiMes" day is unacceptable!

  15. I love your exterior lights...they look brand-spankin' new. Bunny is cute too. He would be buried in snow here...

    This weekend? Hopefully resting, then organizing my life! Oh...and correcting papers...

  16. You spray painted them into masterpieces Suz! Great job. They look great in contrast to your promiscuous paint, just hangin' on to your walls like loose women in the buff.

    I love me some paintin' too, mmmm-hmmm. It is magic!

    Ed's Auntie A, my favorite of his family members, loooooves bunnies. There are statues and litte garden collectibles all over her home. They are somethin' of an adorableness, are they?

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  17. mmmm those (organic = healthy!) crackers look sooo good! I could make a sammich out of those, LOL!

    Spray paint is amazing, isn't it? Only never use it IN the house... learned the hard way about that :-o

    Bunny looks good, your lights look FAB!

    I want your house!

  18. You are a clever, crafty & thrifty woman. I heart you.

    But please don't put a house key in that cute little bunny's bowl. Someone-not-in-the-family may find it (the fact that you have mentioned it online will make that even more likely). Best to re-think that...or put the key to someone else's house there. That'll really confuse any would-be robbers.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. So glad you didn't become the world's first example of death by crackers. Really like the newly painted garage lights.

  20. LOL Unless you are in pre-school there is no need to call it Valemtimes!

    Love the way your lights turned out. They look brand new! I'm sure it won't be long until you have your own re use it recycle it TV reality show!

  21. LOVE the lanterns and the new bunny!
    And yes, Valentimes drives me NUTS.
    As don't "Cint" ... as it "That's 3 dollars and 40 CINT."

    Cint? Hello? There is no "i" in that word, AND there's an "s" on the end, sistah! Speak English, ya redneck! Ah, life in Georgia... :)

  22. The turned head and expression on your new bunny kinda makes me giggle!!! Love it!

    Your blog is like sunshine to me! Truly!!

  23. I have that exact bunny--the one with the broken ear. Target right? Mine is in one piece though.

  24. Even Mexican hubby calls it Balentime's Day. Drives me crazy. ;)

  25. "Have I told you how much I love spray paint?
    I LOVE IT! And not just for huffing." You so crack me up Suz and I totally needed that! Thanks!


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