May 21, 2012

It's all about her. And him. But mostly her.

Unless you are me or my Mom, this post might contain too many photos.
And let's face it...this blog is for me my Mom.

Linds, getting ready Freddy.
yadda yadda
I tried an up-do on the "child with more hair than any one person needs"...and it was becoming an epic fail. 
 There are not enough bobby pins in the world.
 Watching Lolo's softball game on the laptop at the same time. Multi-tasking girls we are.
 Plan B.    Side pony with her hair braided/roped into a headband. 
She cleans up well. 
Unless it comes to cleaning her room. 

That dress was made for her. Not really, but it appears so...
 Actually, this was the THIRD dress that was purchased for prom. It is a long and boring story, but two were put back into inventory for others.

Do you recognize that face? That attitude? My Mom does.
So, Coach was traveling this past was Lolo. It was just the two of us prepping for the big night.

And we did fine....there was a lot of texting back and forth, with visuals included. What did we do before smart phones??
Oh, I remember, we just didn't share every freakin' little thing in our lives.

Enter: The Date.
We met up with the boyfriend at another friends house for group photos and all that.
And as you can imagine...after seeing a gaggle of other girls, I declared that I should help everyone personally choose their prom dresses. 

These two are so 'handy' with each other. I've mentioned this to them both...and it kinda hurt his feelings. And that is part of my job...pointing out his flaws. 

I do enjoy a person who can be silly though. And he knows how to make me laugh.
I put some photos on Facebook Saturday night...and someone asked how we found a dress the same color of her eyes. Frankly, her eyes were green, and we used food coloring to enhance them. 

I was kidding about the food coloring in the eyes. 

Who has the biggest earrings? The man-boy wins. 
They were home safe and sound by midnight. No before parties, no after parties. I like it when people listen to me. 
IF everyone in the world followed my directions, there would be no worries. Or wars. Or abuse. Or hunger. 
Or  Mario Lopez. 

Lindsay's first words to me on Sunday morning: Did you blog yet?

Yes, she thinks this blog is all about her. And today, it is. 


  1. She looks absolutely gorgeous and that dress is to die for! Seriously, if I could dye my eyes blue, that's the dress that I would wear too.
    Now let me ask you this. What do you look like in it?

  2. Absolutely stunning!!!

    I'm with Mark. Put that baby on and post THOSE pictures!!

  3. They make a stunning couple! Love the blue dress and tie! Her hair looks beautiful! Thanks to both of you for sharing these extra special photos.

  4. They look so cute! This Friday I am going to prom with the cutest guy in the school, who also happens to be my husband. And we also happen to be chaperoning. But whatever, it's still a night out!

  5. As well it should be!
    All about Linds!
    She is definitely the most interest thing you post about....well, except for the feral cat.
    Or coach.
    The beastly jeep.
    Or Lo.
    : )
    Basically, your whole life is so exciting, it borders on ridiculous!

  6. Suz, she looked absolutely stunning! The dress is gorgeous and I love how you did her hair. Could you find time this Friday to come and fix Hannah's hair for her 8th grade dance? ;-)

  7. I love what you did with her beautiful hair! Her dress is lovely. She's a real beauty. Good job, Mom! I do love your humor.

  8. What a fun night...and a memory that will last a lifetime. And very cute about being on the blog...she's famous now, after all! : )

    Gorgeous dress, btw. And hair. And girl. : )

  9. After seeing her prom dress and seeing some of the prom dresses of FB friends' daughters, I agree. You really should help EVERYONE select their prom dress! She looked breathtaking!

  10. Next time I have to play a concerto or big fancy concert, I'm hiring you to be my personal shopper and stylist! They look fabulous!

  11. She looked just exquisite, and what a beautiful young couple they are! Love, love, love that you showed us these photos. :)

  12. What an adorable pair these two are....and she looks beautiful in that dress....I'll have to share the food coloring tip with my three teenage daughters, after all they color their hair with kool-aid...LOL

  13. Oh how I love all of these pictures... Those two look like they have fun together... I saw all of the pictures on Facebook --but LOVED reading more about them and the great event.... That dress is truly made for her. She's a beautiful girl --just like her big sis and her Mama...


  14. OMG, you are so right... the dress WAS made for her. Absolutely STUNNING!!!! LOL's abt: Food coloring, Listening to you, and Mario Lopez.


  15. Oh, my goodness - that dress is perfection! Lovely color, a perfect fit, modest, yet still sassy. And the shoes? Ohmymymy. Her hair is much prettier the way you styled it than any updo I've ever seen. You did a great job! You are a super-team - maybe you should offer prom-prep services for hire, Suz.
    Thanks for inviting us to join in the fun!

  16. She is such a beautiful young lady who makes that dress look "wow"! Glad she had a great time and didn't go over curfew (if they only knew how we worry!}

  17. aah, to be young again! they look fabulous and love the goofy pix as well. too cute.

  18. it is unfair how much beauty your daughters are in possession of!

  19. I am totally impressed at the calm attitudes surrounding this prom. Perhaps that was because only the two of you were home. I love the idea that you were fixing her 'do. My daugher always went to the salon and came out not liking her hair and doing it over again. The dress and shoes are perfect! Way to go Lindsay. And Suz too! I'm thinking five-star mom for this one.

  20. I think it's entirely appropriate that this blog is about Linds. It was her big night and she looked beautiful.

  21. Will you take me shopping? Will I look that good afterwards? No, I won't look that good - - - even if the dress matched my eyes - - - and I don't think I looked that good when I was anywhere near her age! You and Coach have beautiful girls - - - and I think they must be pretty sweet, too from what you write about them! Thank you for letting us share "your" special night!

  22. What a beauty! Must take after her mom :)

  23. i hope you kow i was looking for freddy the snake when you said she was getting ready... with freddy?!?!

    anyway... i can't wait to hear the long boring story... cuz i know you can spice it up with a laugh or two :) she looks absolutely gorgeous... and i am so glad they followed your instructions!!! if i had known you were all alone, i would have invited you to come along & prom gawk. or you know, drive me around. although... i cannot imagine the mood you were in after the beauty parlor antics...

    love YOU!

  24. Not too many pictures at all! Oh and that dress was so made for her, gorgeous gorgeous girl!
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. No, no, no...not too many pictures girl!!! 'Just perfect!!!

    Both my kiddos would get tired before I was finished takin' all the pics I wanted. I'd get the ....enough already Mom...we're gonna be late!!! What fun!!!

    What a beautiful dress for a princess!!!

    They make a cute prom couple don't they?

    God bless ya and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

  26. Wow that dress was made just for her! Beautiful! Lovely daughter and I'm sure she takes after her mother! How fun!

  27. Love this post! She looks beautiful! I'm also glad no after/before or any other parties. Nice Suz, very nice!

    Don't you just love how the kids want you to post all their glamour and never any of the other. I always hear, "Mom you CAN'T blog about that!" Yeah, well, when they listen to me, I'll listen to them. I don't really see that happening anywhere in the near future....

  28. There can never be too many pictures of prom! They look fab.

  29. Suz and her daughter we see
    Both are busy as a bee
    Prep for a dance
    Give that boy a chance
    Give momma some time for glee

  30. I wish I had all that beautiful hair. The peacock blue dress (and eyes to match) are beautiful. Next time, the girl child needs bigger earrings to compete with the boyfriend, who is pretty cute himself!

  31. Good Morning, Suz,
    I love seeing the pictures of your lovely daughter and her prom date. Her dress is stunning! I'm glad they had a good time.

    Have a great Thursday. ~Natalie

    p.s. now I'm off to see what else you have been up to. I have lots of catching up to do.

  32. Do they make that dress in my size? Course, I'd have no where to wear it! Soooo beautiful and her beau looks like a hoot!


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