June 19, 2019

My favorite things in the kitchen

Sometimes I wish I lived in Canada so I could spell favorite as favourite. Also, I would be much nicer, if that is even a possibility.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Nevermind it's NOT where the magic happens...well, at least in my case. I'm not sure how everyone else lives. But, I/we do spend a LOT of time in the kitchen mostly clothed.

Some of my favourite favorite everyday useful things. Aside from the Coach.

Our cast iron skillets. We ditched the old (and unhealthy) nonstick pans a few years ago, even before we had our gas range. The darn things are so hardy and heavy....we don't even bother putting them away in the drawer. Although, that would give me more of a daily workout. We just leave them on the stove, oiled up and ready to go.
BTW: the gas range is actually clean. For the life of me, it never looks as good as the day it was installed. Apparently, I don't have a 'show' kitchen, it is a full-fledged working kitchen. You'd think I was a better cook with the way it appears.

Method stone cleaner. Do we have some stone in our kitchen...lawd YES.
This is my favorite cleaner for all the hard surfaces; smells good and it does the job. I'm able to purchase a gallon of it and refill my bottle and I reuse the same cloth/rag until it can walk around on its own.
Win. Win.

Scrub Daddy.  I'm not sure what kind of hocus-pocus magic is in this scrubber, but it is my go-to cleaner for all things difficult. 

Mrs. Meyers everything. I'm so in love with her soaps. I love that the scents change with the seasons and it brings a little bit of joy to my dishwashing. I still keep a bottle of Dawn under the sink for the greasy/heavy duty stuff, but for most everything Mrs. Meyers dish soap is good enough. And how about my little bubbler? There's soap & water in there and you press it down to add it to your little scrubber. It's the best. I purchase most of my cleaning products from Grove Collaborative and this set was one of my first buys. With the little stoneware dish underneath; it keeps my sink area both tidy and pretty. And really, pretty is the way to go.

My turquoise kitchen pig. I don't usually allow critters on the my clean counters, but this guy is too cute not to allow it. I found him years ago at Home Goods. Ya know that place, where dreams come true for a fraction of the cost.

This is two of my favorites in one. Drawers and my Snapware. I used to only use Tupperware and I still have some pieces, but I found snapware at Costco a few years ago and really built up a good collection of both glass and plastic. No more cussing  searching for matching lids. And I LOVE drawers. I like my drawers like I like my men;  big, strong and organized. If you ever have the chance to update your kitchen, drawers are so much better than cabinets.

Well, that's all my favorites for today. 
Anyone have something in the kitchen that they can't live without aside from the actual food? 

I was not compensated for any of my pics or links. That was just me trying to be a friendly Canadian on a Wednesday. 



  1. You have a lovely kitchen! Thanks for the info on the granite daily cleaner. I haven't tried Mrs. Meyers yet, and will have to buy some soon. I love nice fragrances. Mother had a lot of cast iron but it was too heavy for me plus I don't cook much any longer. I gifted the pieces to a friend who truly uses them. The turquoise pig is cute - brings a smile to my face. I recently bought a small pottery vase for my kitchen; now, I need to find some small posies to fill it!

  2. I'm very impressed with your kitchen. I wouldn't mind having a sample of the food that comes out of it!

  3. Hi There, GIRL --you are putting me to shame. My kitchen does NOT look like yours... MESSY is more the term I would use. (Don't tell George since he thinks it is clean!!! ha).... I've never known anyone so organized as you.... I'll bet your sock drawers are equally perfect.... WOW..... Guess I missed that 'gift' when they were passing out gifts.... ha


  4. I should probably have The Husband respond to this post, since I don't actually cook. But since you are stuck with me; here goes...I absolutely ADORE my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and our cast iron skillets (I don't "cook" in them but they are great for baking corn bread!) and...ummmm, that's about it.

    OH! And Pam with flour in it. That stuff is the bomb! I have a very intricate bundt cake pan that could end a baking session in tears. But as long as I use that; Pam the cake always slides right out with no issues.

  5. The kitchen thing I cannot live without is the maid service twice a week. Keeps the granite counters and the appliances squeaky clean, shiny and beautiful. If it's an item, then it would be the easy-to-use wine opener and the vacuum re-sealing system.

  6. One of the reasons I like the cast iron skillet is because it puts a little iron in the diet. I have the tick bit allergy, Alph-Gal, which means I can't eat beef or pork or lamb - - - which also means I don't get the iron from red meat. However you can grill a delicious brined boneless chicken breast in cast iron. There are many different kinds of salsas and sauces you can make for it.
    I, too, really like your storage container drawer! I do still have LOTS of Tupperware and it will probably be here until I have moved to Heaven!
    Thanks for sharing your stuff!


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