November 04, 2016

The Blue Bees, TV, Rebel with wings, Veggies and being the Christmas hostess with the mostess.

The Blue Bees

A while ago I'd read about Mason bees and what a great contributor they were for pollinating. They don't make honey or sting you....they just pollinate, pollinate and then pollinate some more.
I'd purchased a mason bee house and we were going to hang it....but then life happened. It's still sitting on the outdoor kitchen waiting. But seriously, I'm not in short supply of bees in my yard.....they are a plenty.
(Also, I've got a lot of the a**hole kind; the wasps, the hornets, the angry yellow jackets!) one of my newer butterfly (milkweed) gardens I've noticed these weird looking BLUE/GREEN bees.
Me: "what are you and why are you always here?"
The Bee: "buzz, buzz, buzz"
I finally googled this because I was then worried they might be the carpenter Bee that my Aunt and Uncle had issues with this year.

Alas, this was NOT an issue.
The Blue Bee is a GREAT bee to have.
Actually, I'd hit the BEE lottery.
 They are Blue Orchard Mason Bees. They pollinate, pollinate and then pollinate some more.
And, they're lovely.

FYI: If you say BlueBees really fast several times, well, then you sound really weird.

Has anyone been enjoying some of the new shows this season?
I'm particularly fond of This Is US (reminds me somewhat of Parenthood, but a bit deeper)
It's thought provoking and touching.

Also, American Housewife. This mama cracks me UP as does the Dad on the show. Great writing.

The Veggie Garden
I finished my veggie garden a few weeks ago and it's coming in nicely. My MIL gave me a beautiful Mum, some tomatoes and arugula. I then added more 'maters, red and yellow bell peppers, romaine and broccoli. This is the first time I've ever mulched my veg. garden and I'm hoping this alleviates all the cussing that I do because of the weeds.
Yay for less bad language.

Rebellious caterpillar
I currently have 10 chrysalis in my ongoing saving of the monarch butterflies.
Can you see this one in the pic? He/She is on the OUTSIDE of the container. When it was a caterpillar, it escaped a few times from the container. Seriously, I'd never have this happen before. So, the last time it escaped, I just left it outside.....I'm going to have a good 'talking' to this one in a few days when it's ready to fly. Rebel.

It's only the beginning of November and I've already planned two Christmas parties.
I'm excited.
And whooped.
But mostly excited.
Last year we weren't really able to decorate for Christmas since we were living in half the house, I'm sooooo ready to put up the Christmas tree(s)!!
Our 2015 little tree with ONE lone ornament. 
Are two tree's enough this year? Gosh....I'm thinking I might need three.
Just kidding.
But really....three is a better number when it comes to design.

Have a great weekend!! I hope you're buzzzing with fun.


Joining Tanya and friends for Willy Nilly Friday


  1. #1 Who knew about mason bees, certainly not me!
    #2 I don't watch TV.
    #3 What no weeds?
    #4 Nice to be a savior.
    #5 Planning is not one of my skills.

  2. I've been intending to watch This is Us but always seem to forget when it comes on. Maybe I will soon.

  3. What a gorgeous bee! And the fact that it's a good one makes it even gorgeous-er. My sister used to call those things on your chest bloobies. So when I say blue bees really fast I can hear my sister. ;)

    I love This Is Us. Yes, it reminds me a little of Parenthood. My hubby wanted to watch Designated Survivor. It's pretty good. It beats car shows and survival shows. ;)

    I am not ready to start the Christmas celebrating just yet. I'm glad you'll be able to host this year. Two parties! You're Wonder Woman.

  4. I think three trees would be just perfect! I am intrigued by the blue mason bees- I am off to read all about any kind of bee that doesn't sting- fantastic!! Have a super weekend!

  5. I don't watch much network TV but I got totally caught up in STRANGER THINGS on Netflix. And I love Janet King on ACORN.

    Hooray for your gardens, your butterflies, and your bees. Now get that Mason Bee house up.

    Three trees. Definitely three unless you are going to put one on the patio in which case four.

  6. That is a beautiful bee. I only get the pest bees here.

  7. That is a beautiful bee. I only get the pest bees here.

  8. Interesting about the bees! Love your veggie garden. You will really enjoy Christmas this year now that your home is all complete! Can't wait to see what you do! xo

  9. I've never heard of blue mason bees before...and I tried the blue bees thing...sounds like something that my 10 year old step-son would like saying. We have already put the gardens to bed up here in New England. I've got a fire going as I type.

  10. Interest about the unusual bee and great to hear your propagating milkweed. A big thank you from the Monarchs. :)

  11. ok now i want mason bees and your blue bee and yes, i literally sat here and said blue bees a few times out loud :D YES! i LOVE this is us, it's my favorite! also american housewife cracks me up! another good one i'm liking is divorce with sarah jessica parker, i think it's on hbo...and better things, that one i like a lot too! did you watch californication? if so you would love it because it has marcy in it! i am ready to start putting christmas stuff out! been listening to christmas music :) i am so glad you are back to blogging! thank you for linking! hope you had a fab weekend!!

  12. It is first time for me to see such an interesting bee. Wow!! Beautiful! You are beginning to prepar for a Christmas? Your post really reminds me that New year is going to come soon!!

  13. You DID hit the bee lottery! My dad made a carpenter bee trap for me...those SOBs have burrowed so many holes in our front porch railing, it's not even funny. The trap has worked wonders!


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