November 18, 2016

Feeling the other side of the law, keeping up, fancy b-ball and lets cook!

Last week Lolo was pepper sprayed on Monday morning, then she was tasered on Wednesday.
How could someone do that to this cute little face?

If you didn't know that she was currently enrolled in the Deputy Sherriff's training program this would be an odd thing to share.  
Well, that up there is not her current face....and she hardly climbs into chimneys anymore; but it's still the face I think of when the thought of her being hurt arises.

A more current photo of her sweet face. 

I practically had the child wrapped in bubble wrap from ages 1-12; and this is what she does?

{FYI: She said she'd take the taser about a bajillion times over one pepper spray in the eyes.}


Since the weather has been nicer, I've been walking with a good friend several days a week. She's the same height as I am (short!) but she walks faster than I do. Honestly, I consider myself a VERY fast walker. But, my fast walking friend is wearing me out.
I finally figured out how to slow her down. We pick up garbage while we're walking. She thinks we're doing it to save the planet, and we are, but we're also saving my legs/feet so that I can function the rest of the day.
We're getting in about 3-4 miles miles each walk.

Right now the Coach and I are eating gobs of fresh romaine and arugula from the garden.
Don't hate; appreciate. But soon we'll also be eating gobs of fresh 'maters!
Ok, now you can hate.


Basketball season is upon us. We're big boosters of our local college and we love attending the basketball games. Our ladies team and the men's team are awesome! We had two games this week. The Coach doesn't do anything small or understated. Hot dogs? Burgers? about delicious food served in adorable little thingy-ma-bobs. And wine. Always good wine. 

I'm very excited about Thanksgiving! Actually, I might be overexcited and you know what happens then....
My Georgia people will arrive early next week; I'm ready to start the festivities!
I'll have an actual kitchen to cook in instead of the laundry room/office/craft room that I had last year.

Have I told you today how much I love my kitchen? I do. I REALLY DO!

Is everyone excited about Thanksgiving? Did you locate your stretchy pants yet? 

Have a bee-u-Tiful weekend. XOXO

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  1. Man...look at those blue eyes!

  2. i'm with tom about her blue eyes! she's beautiful and i lol'd about her little self in the chimney pic when you were talking about her being tazed and pepper sprayed...when nick was in the marine corps they did drills like that too every now and then with tear gas...jeez i couldn't hang with all that abuse you sign up for! ha, smart girl tricking your friend into slowing down! and yes, i am super, super excited for thanksgiving and i need to fast to prepare myself! wow, that's quite a spread the coach does! you both are impressive in your entertaining style! have a super great thanksgiving if i don't "see" you before then! thanks for linking, i always really, really enjoy your fun posts! you really should write a book ;)

  3. I wouldn't want pepper spray in those beautiful blue eyes! What a job -- deputy sheriff ... good for her. Love how you got your friend to slow down. I might try it. I'm happy about basketball season, too. I don't much care for pro ball, but I love college basketball. I'd love cooking in your kitchen, too. Enjoy Thanksgiving! Happy Friday!

  4. Oh, how could they!? Sweet girl.

    Ha! I have a friend shorter than me and when we walk she always keeps up or goes faster. She likes to run, though, so we even each other out. We walked 4 miles in 55 minutes while our kids have swim team practice in June/July. I never walk that fast by myself. Oh, and good on saving the planet. ;)

    I would love that kitchen, too!

  5. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! Did she yell, "Don't tase me bro!!" :)

  6. Both photos of Lo are gorgeous! Love your kitchen and how fun to prepare and serve your first Thanksgiving in the new digs! Good for you walking with a friend. My dad was tall and long-legged and mama was short. People would tease them and say to my dad, "I saw you out walking Peggy last night!!!" lol Happy Thanksgiving with lots of love!

  7. I know you and Coach feel proud that you've raised a daughter who is as strong as she is beautiful. When it comes to basketball, I'm a little confused: is the big draw the game or the spread?

  8. Sweet child grows up and looks too sweet yet to be unwrapped and then to be tasered! Bravo!
    I really, really love your kitchen!
    Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  9. That sweet little thing being tasered and pepper sprayed!! But, when they grow up they make their own decisions. She'll be very good at what she does!1

  10. You are so clever, Suz. Save the planet AND your legs. My son recently had his kitchen taken down to studs and rebuilt. He's in love with it and can't wait for Thanksgiving. My husband is as excited as anyone I know. He LOVES Thanksgiving dinner. And leftovers. And leftovers.

  11. I love your kitchen, too. I think I could live in your kitchen! :)
    Oh, Lolo! Glad to hear she's hanging in there!!!

  12. Wow! I love your kitchen too! Can I just move in there? I won't be too much trouble, promise! Yay! We're so excited for Thanksgiving too! Hope your day is super special.

  13. We love our hoops here too. Of course I coached it for many years before retiring....:)


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