December 19, 2013

The Cameron Shirt Squabble~

I asked if you knew why we called the Coach's shirt his "Cameron Shirt" 
Some of you knew.…some didn't. 

I was kinda disappointed in a few of you. Really, you should be watching MORE TV. 
What are you doing? Exercising? Reading to your kids? Volunteering for the needy?

Here is the Coach's Bro and GF, Suz and Da' Coach wearing his Cameron shirt. 
(From now on, I'll have ALL my photos taken in between my BIL and Coach…I'm a PEANUT!

See the shirt here too?

Are you getting the picture yet?
THIS Cameron!!! He is on the funniest show EVER!
So yeah, Cameron's character is gay… of course he has great taste!

Which means the Coach has great taste….I mean, we already knew that when he chose his wife!

HA! Thanks for playing along! 


  1. I must say, though, that coach's minty green colored shirt is much more to my liking than pink :)

  2. Duh... I should have known that, I love that show! Haven't been able to watch it in a few weeks, guess that's why I didn't get it. Shame on me...

  3. I never saw the show but I love the guys smile! You do look teeny tiny between those two men. Send them to me please. I need just one picture where I don't look like Hulk Hogan or Shrek.

    Merry Christmas to all the people in your house who have great taste.

  4. ok. must put on my to-do list: MORE TV!
    oh yes, coach has great taste :)

  5. He is one of my favorite characters, and that is one of my favorite shows. Gregg has what I also call his "Cam" shirt! (I love that our "great minds" think alike!)

  6. Oooohhhh...I would have never figured that out. Never seen that show. Like your hubby's better.

  7. Totally looks like a Cameron shirt. LOL and indeed you do look like a peanut. Such a dinky teeny tiny girl you are.

  8. This absolutely makes sense! I'm not a MF watcher, but I've seen it and totally know who Cameron is...

  9. Let's talk about your fabulous dress! You look gorgeous!!!!

  10. I looked it up and still didn't get it! Guess I'd better watch more television.

  11. I obviously don't watch enough television, but I do thank you for the explanation.

  12. Beautiful photos specially like the last one photos!!!

  13. i knew who cam was, he's my fave! and you do look like a peanut! can i use them in all my pictures too? i want to look peanut sized as well! merry christmas to you and your family!


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