December 27, 2013

And then she had the nerve to turn 18.

Did you have a fantastic Christmas? 
I can't really hear you, but I'm hoping you answered YES!
Anyhoo's today I'm here to talk about someone growing up.
This little button {Lindsay} turns 18 today.
She has been looking forward to this day for so long. 
Actually, she's been looking forward to it for 18 years.
What is so great about turning 18?

Linds: You can buy LOTTERY TICKETS!!!!

Honestly, we don't usually buy lottery tickets….she must get the gambling habit from my Mother….who knew the gambling gene skipped a generation?

Also? She can now work more than FOUR hours without taking a mandated break. 
The rules of hostessing go out the window when you are 18!

One thing people always say about Linds is: 
She is so bubbly… cute…and funny!

And she is.
But she also has a another side.

I've tried to not share this with the public, but our little Lindsay has a much darker, much scarier side.
She might even lead a gang...
 And that type of gang would be a comedic, shopping, dancing, hostessing gang. 
Hide your credit cards…she's a good shopper…and please, please don't ask her if your group is the next to be seated. SHE will seat you when SHE is ready to SEAT YOU!
How can one so pretty make such faces?
She keeps me laughing all the time….and that is just fabulous!
No one ever died from laughing.
or did they…...
I know, I know. She is something special.
That specialness is SO darn deep, I can hardly stand it. 

Happy 18 to our Lindsburger!

Do you remember your 18th birthday? 

Do you like to make funny faces for the camera as well….or is that only for 18 year olds?


  1. Ha Ha This had me smiling .
    Happy birthday to your beautiful, fun loving daughter !

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to Linds!! Hope she has a fantastic day!!

  3. Happy 18th Birthday to your beautiful, funny and fabulous daughter!! She MUST get all those special qualities from her mom... ;-)

  4. She's such a cutie. Happy Birthday to you Lindsburger. And nope... I do not remember my 18th birthday at all... it's hell getting old.

  5. Happy birthday to your Lindsay! When Rebekah turned 18 the first thing she and her friend did was to go buy a lottery ticket. Never.would.have.dreamed. Anyway, she's never bought another one. It's just the principle of the thing, right?
    When my 18th birthday rolled around I had been married 9 months. We went out to eat. That's all I remember. ;)

  6. happy birthday to your silly girl. :)

  7. aw she is adorable! happy birthday to your funny and beautiful daughter. my daughter turned 19 in august...i don't like it...i wish she was still 5...BUT it is pretty cool just hanging out with her as an adult now! and she makes those funny faces too and keeps me laughing. i don't remember my 18th birthday...hmmm...i had just graduated high school and was probably in cosmetology school by then and telling my parents "i'm 18, i can do what i want"...yeah, i was one of those...although lucky for them i got married at 19 and moved out of the house!

  8. How could such a young woman like YOU have 2 adult daughters? :)

  9. Happy B-day!! Yes I remember 18...16 was way better tho :)

  10. Thank you for sharing that dark side . . .scary for sure ;) Such a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday to her!

  11. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!! (and now I am a wee bit scared as my 14 year old daughter pulls those same faces lol)

  12. Such fun! She is her mother's daughter. Happy Birthday to both of you!

  13. I don't know why this made me cry.
    But it did.
    Happy Birthday to your little Lindsburger.
    I will never ask a hostess if I am next to be seated in honor of her.
    And her gang!

  14. Happy birthday! Oh my word...that toddler pic is precious! : )


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