May 06, 2013

Similar to a disco, you light up my life.

You give me hope to carry light up my day.....
Gosh, I loved that song.
Ok, it was a cheesy song, but I'm a fan of cheese.

I'm also a fan of lights.
I updated the light fixtures in our formal areas...which really aren't formal.
Before: The Foyer 
btw: I never pronounce the 'r' in foyer. Keeping it Klassy. 

The dining room

The living room. 
btdubs, this is where I live. It's always neat and tidy....and I can live with that. 

Foyer, with no 'r'
 Dining room
 Dining room with a little 'bling'

Living room
If you have a keen eye....or just eyes, you might have noticed I have moved around some stuff on the walls. It's my prerogative to change things up. It's Coaches job to actually move them for me. :)

Anyhoo's....I like the new look. Fresh, updated.
I ordered all the lights  from Ballard's.
LoLo helped with the adding of the bling using jewelry magnets. Genius!

When she has more time we are going to add some crystal chains. 
{I need her expertise with the jewelry tools.}

The funnest part of the bling? Every afternoon just before sunset, the front of our house turns into a disco!!! I love a good disco. Or any disco for that matter...
 The photo does not do the disco justice. I'm sure the girls will NEVER get tired of me shouting out: DISCO TIME each evening!!!

I purchased the awesome prisms: HERE
And I purchased the shades at Home if you care at all.

Hey, don't we all need a little more disco/bling in our life???
Happy Monday!


  1. Yes, we all need a little bling in our lives. Coach must be a very patient man making allowances for all your changes. I hardly ever change anything. But you have motivated me to give it some thought.

  2. oh my goodness!!!!! a disco?!?! it would be the highlight of my day :) the new lights look great!

  3. You'll smile at that for years to come! Like the updates!

  4. Looks good and I like the disco effect. :-)

  5. I love a good disco also. I have never been to one but I imagine I would love it : )

  6. I Love The Night Life! (remember that one by Gloria Gaynor?) Love the changes and I don't think I've ever seen your living room before. Very pretty. I'm pretty sure John has a blue Leisure suit with wide lapels he could wear under the disco lights!

  7. Whew! My neck is sore from looking up at all those ceilings! I can only imagine how your husband feels after rearranging things to match your new vision! It looks great! Your family is fortunate that you care to create such a beautiful sanctuary for them to return to each evening.

  8. Let there be LIGHT!

  9. Your foy-yay is looking all fancy now and so are all the other spaces. Very pretty lighting. Makes me want to dance or something except I am Baptist and we don't do that. And I have no idea how so I would totally stink at it. I will just stick with my Baptist excuse. ; ) I have a top from the Disney store with little studs on one side of the chest and sunlight makes my car go all disco when I wear it. Cheap entertainment for the peanut gallery when we go somewhere. : )

  10. what I NOTICE is that fine circular mirror that looks a bit like a church window, mmm, nice!

  11. I could definitely use some more bobbles in my life. (did I say that right?)

  12. I love that little bit of bling!

    In the FoyYAY! And everywhere else!

    You're cool.

  13. Love it! Especially how you get Coach to do all the heavy lifting. Somehow I get stuck with that around here....and I live with a bunch of boys. I sure could learn a thing or two from you. You give lessons? :)

  14. I love the light on the walls! Very cool update.

  15. Oooh, I love the new fixtures - especially with the bling.

    Would you believe that You Light Up My Life was the first big solo I ever played on my flute in public. Yup. 6th grade. My sister played the piano for me at the grade school band concert and I got all Debby Boone with my bad self on the flute. Ha! How about that. How about also seriously showing my age?


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