January 18, 2013

recycled puppy

My sweet friend Kelly {who is not supposed to send me Christmas gifts} sent this to us at Christmas.
A recycled puppy.
I love him.
And yes, he is made out of all recycled stuff. 
Her note stated that he should overlook my garden.
And he does.

Kelly and I met circa 1990. Her beau was/is Coach's childhood friend Don, who was also my high school friend. I met Coach on a blind date set up by Don's previous high school girlfriend in 1985.
Make sense?
Sure it does.
 In 1990 when Kelly & Don and The Coach & I lived next door to each other, Kelly and I jumped on the recycling bandwagon when that baby hitched it's horses.

And we still are. Recyclers rule. And they are more attractive.
I'm just throwing that out there.

Have a great weekend! It has finally cooled off here....and I'm digging it. 


  1. Finally cooled off there...I have been campaigning for a winter home in Florida...and a summer home in Colorado. Clearly I have issues with Texas weather. : / You puppy is a cutie. : )

  2. That is the cutest thing ever!!!! How clever some people are. I would never have though of that.

  3. Oh I want a puppy really, really badly. I am going to try to make one for myself and my g.daughter. You girls rule. xoxo,Susie

  4. That is the cutest thing EVER!

    Cooled off, huh? What's it, like 80??

    I just saw that our high on Monday is going to be 9. Now, that's what I'M talking about!!

  5. That's too cute! I'll have to show this to a friend of mine, her hubby likes to create yard art out of old tools and such. I be he'd love it!

  6. Oh, I love him! Especially the little key tongue.

  7. That is just so cute!

    Wishing you guys the nicest of weekends.

  8. What a cute little dog... Love him.. AND--he will definitely protect your garden from those bad critters who want to eat your tomatoes!!!!!!

    Happy Weekend.

  9. I think a recycled Bee would be more appropriate! Very, very cute though :)

  10. What a cute new friend!

    He won't shed!

    And if you run out of spoons you can always eat with his tail!

    What a fun friend!

  11. I really like your recycled puppy. You didn't mention how talented recyclers are. I've git plenty of cold weather I would gladly exchange for some of your Florida sunshine.

  12. Kind of a perfect gift for you!! (and don't you just love it when you meet someone you were MEANT to be friends with) :)

  13. that thing is pretty cute!

  14. Those cans sure look cuter as a dog than they do getting dumped into our recycle bin!

  15. Suz, I want to Pinterest your top photo of this recycled can pooch. Can you post it on your Pinterest so I can share it too?? I understand if you are STINGY and don't want to, really I do.


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