June 27, 2012

It IS a Pinteresting summer

Thank you NCMountainWoman for giving me the word "pinteresting"
So yes, someone has been crafting.
I'm not even surprised when I come home and find weird items all around the kitchen. Luckily, a flame torch has not been involved. yet.
But summer has just begun and she is flooding in the "creative juices" dept. Similar to the rest of Florida right now. 
Hammering and nailing the Sunshine state. Or as we call it, hurricane season.
And then you add some thread and mucho patience. 
 There is a heart shaped nail area over our county. I should work on my photography skills.

 This is what you do when you are mad at have a plethora of crayons. 
When I came home my nose said to me: It smells like kindergarten in here.
You never forget the smell of crayons.

Making PB Cup shaped crayons...
by melting other crayons.
The poor crayons didn't see it coming. 
And late at night...when a person might be craving a peanut butter cup, these could become a snack.
Ok, maybe not the gray ones. I'm not that hungry. yet.
The brown ones are pretty good though.

Well, it got painted and yarned. That'll teach it to 'go with the flow' next time.

We've also spent some time prepping for some upcoming events. One of those events is a super secret and I've turned into a professional liar. I hate lying. But lately, I've become proficient at it. It scares me...and it scares my people too.
"Mommy, you are such a good liar"
Gee, thanks Honey???

And of course, there is our upcoming vacation.
The girls are so flipping excited. 
They've never used a passport before...even after all those guilt trips I've sent them on.
The Coach told the girls they could each bring a friend.
He is so generous. 
Although, he drew the line when I wanted to also bring a friend.
I was going to bring YOU.

He is going to spend 8 days with his wife and 4 teenage girls.
Gosh.....what if we all get our periods at the same time?
*Suz throws her head back in laughter*

Ain't life grand.....and of course it's {p}interesting too.


  1. Lots of fun and creative things going on at your house! Coach is a brave man. :)

  2. What up with the crayon melting? Cute, but trying to figure out what they will be used for.

  3. Love all the crafting going on! I can just smell those crayons!
    Coach is a good fellow to travel with you young ladies! Have fun.

  4. Oh I love pinterest and all the crafting going on at your house. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer... :-)
    Coach is a very brave man indeed! :-)

  5. Thank you for wanting to take me along. But I'm so busy, I probably would have turned you down anyway. Maybe next time, huh?
    Alright, as interesting as those projects look, I'm still not going over to Pinterest. I'm afraid that I'd become addicted and I have no more time in my day to add another addiction. Good try though!

  6. Whoa, bringing friends too? He is a nice, nice, nice guy (who may live to regret that choice). ;)

    Love the sunshine state piece!

  7. did i miss something? where are we going for OUR vacation? how will i know how to pack? geez, no one tells me anything!!! lol have fun girlies, and don't all gang up on the dad/hubs. let him have some boy time too!!!

  8. I love the crayons. Please be sure to floss after ingesting, though!


    Thanks for the Wednesday morning smile!

  9. Brave man! does he not understand PMS? Tell him I'm a bit P-O'd at him - my bags were packed and the passport ready (even though I didn't know where we were going - or when we were going .......)

  10. [hand urgently waving in the air] Take me! Take me! Take me! I've never used my passport either!!!

  11. maybe you need to come to my house to escape the crafting! you can go home before the trip though... i wouldn't want coach to forget to pack you! oh. wait. does he know how to pack!!!

    i was thinking baout you & the lying... i hope it is going well :) and that you WILL be able to stop at some point :)

  12. When do we leave??

    Actually I will be on a mini vacation to the Great State of help my MIL after a hip replacement....but I will bring my bike and my dog.

    Love the crayons. A mom made them for my heart shapes and she mixed the colors. If anyone wants crayons I have a few thousand from over the years...fat ones too!

    Happy Hump Day!

  13. Melting crayons is fun!
    Hope you guys have a wonderful vacation.

  14. I am so impressed with the artistic talent around your house! And I can't wait to see where the passports take you. Hope you all have a fun-filled safe trip and enjoy the destination.

  15. While I appreciate LoLo's creative talents and love her projects, I'm in awe of Coach's bravery. I think he deserves a medal.

  16. Such creativity going on in your home... By the way, where are you working now?

    Your vacation sounds great and I can't wait to hear more about the other 'surprise'...


  17. Oh, tell Coach he's in trouble. My bags were already packed, and my passport was already in my fanny pack!

    LOVE all the crafting! I've been wanting to make that crayon project since Karen posted it last year. So cute!! And my favorite line in this post? "It smells like kindergarten in here."

  18. Oh my gosh! That kid is the best!!!! What a fun thing to do in the summer. I'm trying to get the boys to do a few projects with me to no avail. Dont worry, I will keep pushing. The summer is young. : ). I can't believe coach won't let you being a friend. That would be the best ; )

  19. Fun crafting! Sometimes I think my girl and I should get our craft on, but as usual, I don't have any ideas. : / Passport...where oh where are you going? Don't make us wait to look at pics to find out...I hate waiting. Please please tell us. Ok...even if you don't tell us before you go.. still have a good time! : )

  20. The mystery trip has me really curious. Gee, I wish I was going.
    I have lots of crayons stashed away. Someday, a big mess... er, I mean an exciting craft... will be made here.

  21. I love the crafts, and can't wait to hear about your vacation that includes passports!
    Your Coach is indeed a generous soul. What memories you will be making with your girls and their friends! (I do hope you don't all have your periods at once.)

  22. Ahhh and I so would have liked to come:) LOL
    So incredibly sweet of you two to let your girls take friends, it's going to be a vacation they never forget!

  23. Coach is being MEAN. I want to go with you all!!

  24. I am the LEAST crafty person in the world so I am in awe of anyone who can create something and make it look good. I can create something and make it look BAD. This is my talent.
    WHERE are you going with your passports? I think Coach was intending me to come too, he just forgot to ask.
    I'll get my suitcase down from the shelf.

  25. Ah Pinterest...or as I like to call it, Six Degrees of Martha Stewart.


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