June 15, 2012

The internet can be a dangerous place

Everyday is a surprise in the making.

The girls are both home for the summer. While they are both kinda looking for jobs....I've set up house chores for each day.  A load off my back I tell ya!

Anyhoo...I came home from work yesterday, walked into the mud room and I said: 
What is that smell? It smells like bazooka bubble gum!

They were both in the kitchen and they started laughing....

Lo: Really? It smells like bubble gum? {giggle giggle}
Lindsay: You mean it doesn't smell like something burnt? {giggle giggle}
me: what did you guys do?

And as I made my way into the kitchen I spotted 4 empty bottles of wine, a roll of twine, nail polish remover and a lighter.

My first question: Did you pour out all that wine?

Then tried to ease my fears by telling me they drank it.

Kidding. They pulled them out of the recycle bin.
And then my confused nose smelled all the nail polish remover. Gag. 

Lo told me she was making gifts for her Dad and I...something she saw on Pinterest and Youtube.
It's actually pretty cool if it wasn't happening in my kitchen. didn't work for her, maybe because our nail polish remover is 'non acetone?"

But still. I am hiding all the lighters. And maybe ditching internet access too. 
I'll never be able to ditch her creative juices. 

They warn us about prescription drugs, alcohol, texting and driving...where is the campaign against Pinterest?

Have a great and safe weekend ya'll!
Happy Fathers day to everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your girls! : )
    Laughed out loud about your wine worries : ) Did they pour out all the wine first? Funny!

  2. Hi Suz, Thank Goodness I have never started looking at Pinterest... Many of my friends love it. I barely have time for blogging these days... Just can't add more to my plate.

    At least your girls TRIED... Their intentions were good... They were trying to make you and Coach a gift. That is a good thing --even if it didn't work... Hopefully, whatever their creative juices come up with next, it will WORK... ha ha

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Was there an end product in this adventure?

    That will teach you to go out and leave them alone :)

  4. Thank goodness they didn't find the blow torch!

  5. I have seen this technique on youtube... I asked my husband to try it for me and he gave me, well you know, one of those looks... glad the girls are okay....tis funny though.

  6. I'm not surprised they tried the experiment while you were out. Looks as if you will have an Pinteresting summer. Happy Father's Day to the Coach.

  7. Lol! Your house sounds like a blast! :)

  8. I watched a video on this just the other day, they made it look soooo easy, that I wanted to try it, too!

  9. ooo, I LOVED Bazooka bubble gum! I keep trying to explain to the kids how much better is was than the Hubba Bubba they get these days....I loved how it was wrapped and that there was a joke in every the smell and texture....LOVED...IT!!!!

    I am surprised tho' that you didn't worry about being rumbled in the volume of liquid consumed!!! haha!

    glad the girls are OK tho...have a great weekend sweetie


    hello gorgeous xxx

  10. ha ha ha. "did you pour out all that wine?" too funny!
    I would trade your girls bottle cutting ventures any day to my boys home made cannister gun that shoots large potatoes (with incredible velocity I might add). I'm all for disconnecting the internet too except I would miss you!

  11. Those girls, so creative!! :) Don't rally against Pinterest, k? I might cry.

  12. I love how creative your girls are! The cut in half wine bottles look really neat, too. Have they given up on it, or did you wind up getting the acetone nail polish remover? :-)

  13. I want to see the girls' end results? Did it work? Or is dad getting a crappy gift instead?

  14. I have no idea what non-acetone nail remover is used for at all--it sure doesn't remove nail polish!

  15. Mothers Against Pinterest! Happy Father's Day to you guys!

  16. Oh good. One less project that I have to try myself. Many thanks to your girls!

  17. Life is never dull around your house, is it? Good luck cutting off internet access. My grandchildren would rather die than lose their connection to the internet.

  18. I was a bit worried about what happened with the wine, myself!
    You've gotta find something for those girls to do...out of the house and away from the 'net!

  19. Praise God your house didn't burn up or blow up! I am sure you will post the finished product after they give it to their dad?!!

  20. LOL :) Glad my daughter isnt old enough for that yet. Have a safe and wonderful weekend

  21. suz, my daughter tried to do this same project!!! just so you know, it didn't work for her either! lol don't know if her house smelled of bubble gum though. but she did send me the site and i thought, nah, too much work for me. lol have fun with the girl. hey, take them zip lining!!! wheeeeeeee!!!

  22. the things that happen at your house... jeez! but i guess in this instance i'll be happy for the things that didn't happen :) hmmm... we def need to find jobs for these girls!!!

  23. Funny story, but could have been a mess!
    Steve once researched on the internethow to tell if hay was ready for baling. Microwave it to check the moisture content!
    Unfortunately, this killed the microwave. Yep, the internet can be dangerous...

  24. LOVE it! I've seen this on youtube. I was too scared to try it myself. I just used a glass cutter and some cold water--too afraid of fire. Your girls are so brave!!! ;)

  25. Bwhaha I didn't know I should be blocking that site!


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