April 20, 2012

My blog, where {my} dreams come true.

A while back I posted about something that I wanted badly. I thought it was just a dream that I would hold close to my heart for years and years, you know like those pageant Moms who dream their kids will become big stars and not hate them for the years of torture. 

Sunday morning I woke up and said: I WANT A NEW COMPOSTER and I am going to get it! 
{why wait for a special occasion like Mothers' day or our anniversary, seize the moment!}
The Coach said: Stop yelling and order one.  

And I listened.

It arrived on Wednesday and you would have thought I had finally won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. It was a good thing my bladder was empty. 

It took the Coach literally seconds to set it up. It's only two pieces, but surely if it was three or four, he could have handled it, I married UP. 
I  had no idea until I pulled up the old post that I DID order the same one I was pining away about a few months ago. Seren-freakin-dipity!
{made from recycled plastic too, boo-ya!}

You know you want to see what I put in it right away. 
You are so welcome for that. 

And the very next day, I opened it I had tons of this.

Then, I added some of the compost to the garden and the next day I had this:
Ok, you know i am just pulling your leg hairs. 

Well, since I was treating myself, I also went crazy and purchased a new hose reel.
{I hate that is is plastic....but I could find none made of recycled materials or hemp}
Can you hardly stand the excitement in my life?
Please, contain your jealousy, not everyone can be me.. 

Next week I will share with you how I painstakingly organized my underwear drawer. 

Oh, and if it takes these tomatoes any longer to turn red, I am gonna rip them all out and add them to the
Just in case my tomato plants got wind of that, I was just joshing!!

Did you now that Sunday is Earth day?
Have you hugged your earth by conserving,  composting, recycling, or wearing unfashionable hemp clothes? 

I hope you'll do something good for our home planet this weekend, I promise, you will get a happy feeling from it!
But mostly it will make me happy and in the end, that is what is most important. 

If you are hemp wearer, remember to stay away from open flames!


soil photo borrowed from here, cause stealing is against my religion.
dream garden photo borrowed from here, cause you know I don't steal.

So,  what'cha gonna to?


  1. Nice composter!! You crack me up, saying you didn't want to wait until Mother's day or your anniversary. :-) Sounds like something I would ask for... I've asked my hubby for a laundry drying rack as a gift before. :-)

  2. Woweeeeeee! I can just imagine your excitement (i took my balloon photo, put your face on me & swapped out the rope for your new toy!) Have fun!

  3. Woo hoo! You are one spoiled lady!!

    Truthfully, I've been looking at composters for my MIL. I don't even really have a yard, so as much as I would use one, I just don't have the need. I do, however, save my kitchen scraps for my MIL, who composts them at her house.

    Happy Earth Day, my little 'green' friend. :)

  4. I am going to tell you that I have some very fashionable hemp shirts...they can do wonders with that stuff....

  5. I have heard that coffee grounds composted make for KILLER tomato plants :)

  6. A very magical composter! Love it. I don't think I've ever seen hemp clothing...but then again, I don't get out much. What shall I do on Sunday for Earth Day? I can't think that far ahead!

  7. Suz, I don't often comment but I enjoy your posts so much. You crack me up. Thanks for the giggle today.

  8. Ain't it wonderous when earthy dreams come true.. and I'm glad peeps are wearing hemp instead of inhaling it. Guess I better buy me something hemp to wear, hop in a composter with the un red ta-maders and see if I can magically turn into something beautimus for the earth:) Or just go hug a tree...

  9. A composter...I thought it was a bbq grill. Ha! Shows you what I know. Pee-diddly-squat about stuff like that. But it's very pretty and it will give you beautiful dirt for years to come. I love it. : ) And hello...fried green tomatoes!

  10. I'm so glad that you married "up" and hooked up with a guy who is good working with trash. Lucked out you did!
    I want a composter now. So yeah, I guess I am jealous.

  11. Compost Happens!

    Sorry, someone had to say it. :)

  12. I would be grabbing people's plates right out from under them just so I could start filling that baby up. That is the coolest!

  13. Well, blogger buddy, you may be the only person who gets that excited about a composter. I might but alas I have not a garden. I am wearing a bamboo tee shirt right now. Have a great weekend and keep eating that asparagus. (You ARE breaking the ends rather than cutting them, aren't you?)

  14. I love your new composter! I should have asked for one of those. I aimed too low and got a weirdo fence thingy and a small pitchfork. It doesn't work, because I quit using it. Please keep us posted with follow-up! I want to see worms and rich black soil coming from there!
    Did you ever see the PBS special on the garden at the Prince of Wales' Highgrove House? They have the most incredible compost piles I've ever should look it up, for inspiration (or photo borrowing).
    Thanks for getting us all excited for Earth Day! xoxo

  15. I am so happy for you I could burst.

  16. Have fun with your composter! :) You could always try fried green tomatoes. Those are the best! :)

  17. My daughter has that composter and loves it.

    I did it the cheap way...with the plastic garbage bins!

    I left them in my garden when I moved since I don't have space to grow anything now!

    I shall live vicariously through your composting, though!

  18. Oh how fun! Good to get something you've wanted for a while. Enjoy!

    Your tomatoes look so delicious!

  19. George's Daddy had a composter similar to yours. We do it the old-fashioned way (but it's a great places to add leaves and/or grass clippings, etc. to)...

    Enjoy your new toy... I got a new toy also. Mine is a remote for my camera. I can set up my camera on a tripod near the bird nestbox or feeder, and then stand WAY FAR out of the way... When the birds get close --I just CLICK.... Neat, huh???

    Have a good weekend.

  20. I personally think the secret to using a composted is to threaten the plants (as you did) by telling them that if they don't start producing into the composer they go. I expect your garden to put the dream garden to shame.

  21. You make composting sound like fun.

  22. seriously you could've made a meal with what you put in that composter!
    as my grandson would say, 'are you SURE you can't use that for something?' as I go to put it in the bin.
    I think he's been reading your blog.

  23. Oh, hi, hi, hi! It's me Sandra from the old Marbellajewelry Blog. I am so glad you are still blogging and I'm looking forward to catching up with you. It's been 7 months since my divorce and I'm settling into my new life. I'm just so excited to be back; your blog is such a ray of sunshine for me!
    Have a great Earth day! I do recycle everything I possibly can. I drive it to the recycle center myself,
    : D

  24. Happy Earth Day, you greenie you! Wherever did you find a MAGICAL composter?? It is seriously like the princess who could turn straw into gold!! Your new earth-maker will just take a little longer than one night to accomplish it all, despite the photos that you faked us out with..ha-ha!!

    I am a tree-hugger from way back, too, so I value Mother Earth very much.

    Oh, the tomato told me he is mad now, and will NEVER turn red. In fact he said green IS the new red!!

    By the way, the last photo on my current blog post is just right for you, Sue!

    Take care, have a great week.

  25. Prepare to be really jealous. My DD came home with a coke bottle, painted black and stuffed with dirt and a stinky banana peel. Yep a composter for IN our kitchen. Sigh. The things we do for our kids.

  26. I don't wear hemp, but I do spread horse poop on the pasture. I hope that counts...

  27. Yehaw, a composter, now not everyone has one of those! You really are special!


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