March 04, 2010


It was sunny and warm outside. But inside this cold and dreary place you could only get a glimpse of the sun through the stained and dirty window.

Grandma was in and out of sleep. We sat or stood around her bed, having mindless conversations.

I wondered if she was hearing our words…or if she was off somewhere better.

I hoped she was revisiting some of her better days..the joyful times she had. Her travels spent with her husband, piddling at her favorite stores, playing cards with the neighbors or bowling. laughing.

I was now standing next to her, she opened her blue eyes and said to me, clear as a bell: “Suzanne, you know, you are the light of my life.”

I smiled, a few tears spilling from my eyes.

I knew this already, but it was so touching to hear the words.

Grandma never minced her words, good or bad.

I looked around, saw the Coach sitting there. I am pretty sure he heard it too. My Uncle was staring at the muted TV…even with his hearing aid he missed this comment.

Gosh, I adore that woman…she knew to say this after my cousin left the room.

For someone who rarely filtered her words from her thoughts, this was the first and possibly last time, that she thought before she spoke.

March 4, 1913 – September 29, 2009


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