October 10, 2009

Bartholomew is getting hi-tech.

Because I noticed recently that he has several ‘shrooms satellite dishes attached to his body.


Hey, I knew he was a fungi fun guy, but I can’t afford to add him to my Direct TV bill.


Who knew I could have so much fun with a topiary??? There is a very good possibility that come December, he will be covered in Twinkling lights!!! Yes, I am a total nerd.

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, but noticed yesterday (amongst more ‘shrooms) that the foliage is now crossing over his face!!!! He will be covered soon by greenery.

What will happen to him when the weather cools off?

If ever…


  1. You could put orange pumpkin lights on him for Trick or Treat!

  2. He's very cute. He really looks like a boxer. Amazing what you can do with a topiary. I look forward to the Christmas version.
    Suz, look at your last two lines. You aren't going to talk about the weather, are you?!
    =) Hugs.

  3. Just when I think you could not get any zany-er you do something like this! FAB!

  4. Those nasty 'shrooms love to grow all over the place --especially when it's rainy like it has been here. We've got 'em all over the yard. Yuk!!!
    BUT--I guess Bartholomew doesn't mind having those little satellite dishes on him ---do you think????? ha ha

    Hope you have a great Sunday.

  5. Bart might need a dip in something antifungal. I can't wait to see his Halloween costume!

  6. Yes - twinkling lights!! How about a santa hat this year too?!!! :-)

  7. Batholomew must be a sports fan -- he simply doesn't want to miss any of the big games! I'm looking forward to seeing his holiday outfit.

  8. Very interesting topiary! But the question it earth friendly?

  9. Ohmigoodness...he is just turning out so cute. With a little loving care from you, of course. :)

  10. we live in FL, apparently God didn't get the memo that it is a fall, and that we are all sick of 100 plus degree weather. I'd settle for low 80's at this point! :) I think christmas lights will suit him just fine!!! :)

  11. i don't want to make you crabby and talk about hte weather.... but it is not november yet. and it doesn not get cool until november.
    i cannot wait to see him covered in twinkle lights :) but i wanted to send you a beware... i intriduced him to eric the other day, and you know what that might mean....

  12. WHAT??????????????? Fungi? That is totally unfair!

  13. Hey, you should come to ChiTown to cool off. It's been in the low 40s all day today. Sadly, the snow they promised never came. :(

    I agree with Mildred, start with orange lights for Halloween!

  14. So you and the shroom dog are hogging all the heat on this continent?!

    Bad Suz! Baaad!


    Seriously, it's December weather here. I hate it. Can't do anything about it besides vent and rant. I'm good at that.

    You could plant baby sunflowers in Bartholomew's eyes, just for fun!

  15. HA! Fun Guy-I get it!
    So glad you didn't go with a stool joke.

  16. He kinda looks like he needs some topical cream. I think the lights will be beautiful, can't wait to see it!


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