August 27, 2019

Mad Max & Last weekend

We've taken sole custody of our grand-dog Max. We brought him back from VA with us because he wasn't enjoying city life. He was pretty pissed off at every dog that he encountered on his walks and then would take it out on the young husky Mattis. The Coach and I brought him back then handed him off to his real dad, Nathan (Lolo's favorite person besides me)
Sadly, Nathan was hurt on the job wrangling a perp last week and his shoulder was detached for a bit.

Nathan is on light duty and recovering, so Max will be us for a bit. Max is ok with that. He loves all the attention he gets from his Grandparents.  We took him to the condo last weekend and even his other favorite person Linds came for a visit. Life is good when you're a cute/weird little dog with lots of family.

Linds and I paddle boarded on Saturday. It was fun and tiring. No one fell in and not a dolphin or manatee to be seen. They must be on summer vacation. We walked over to the beach and saw the best sunset for that day.

Sunday we were back home (the big house) and Suz finally got around to cleansing her garage. It's been a while. I blew it out, then hosed it, then mopped it. Yeah, I mopped it. It's now pine-sol fresh. And I'm a happy camper. 

When I say it's MY garage. I really mean it's mine. The Coach has 468 garages, but this one here is solely mine. I'm living the dream!!

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend as well.



  1. Sorry to hear about Nathan. Looks like Max is well loved by all!
    Your garage floor looks great; it's always nice to check that job off the list!
    That's a gorgeous sunset. xo

  2. Any chance I can get you to clean our garage so that it looks as good as yours does?

  3. WE have no dogs in our house and the kids are always talking about how when they get their own homes they WILL have dogs. Yet, somehow this post makes me think that they will ultimately end up at my house! :)

    That sunset is gorgeous!

  4. Green with envy over your clean, clean, clean garage. Any chance you'll be coming through North Carolina any time soon....? ;-)

  5. Sorry about Nathan's injury. Max is a cute pup! Love the sunset pic and the beach. Wow, that garage is so clean!!!! You would die if you saw mine. It's embarrassing.

  6. Sorry to hear about Nathan. I hope he recovers well. Max is a cutie :) He is colored much like my dog Hunter, who I adopted this June. Can't believe how clean that garage deserve a medal.

  7. Lucky Max!! Not so lucky Nathan, hope he has a full recovery. Lets talk beach, paddle boarding and sunsets, all of which are some of my favorites not to mention a garage all to myself but I don't have that just a space to park my car the rest is full of the husband s bike and bike related things. I'll be living the dream when he builds a shop or a man cave or some where to store his bikes other than the garage.

  8. Scary that Nathan was hurt on the job. Hope he recovers quickly. Too bad he isn't in Chicago. I know a good PT. Note to self: never show photos of our garage or Suzie will disown me as a blogging friend.

  9. I wish I had my own garage. My husband has a honking big SUV and sometimes I want to act like a kid and mark off "my side." I might be tempted to mop it too if I had my own. Love the pup and all his attention. He looks pretty small to challenge a husky.


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