July 11, 2018

This, that and the other thing

I'm never quite sure if my blog post title should all be capitalized or just the first word? This is a grammar quandary for me.

1) The Coach and I had a nice, quiet July 4th. We had lunch at the boat marina, checked out some really BIG boats and spotted the resident Bald Eagle. Then we spent the evening listening to the neighborhood send 12 million bottle rockets into the sky. But hey, they started 4 days prior, so why slow down now? Do you know how terrifying fireworks are to pets? Very. Also, I learned they're also frightening for butterflies.....I know. I just can't stop it with the butterflies.

2) Our girls went on their big trip to Seattle and Portland; this was a gift from us for Christmas, but they just found the time to go.
While they were gone, we took care of our granddog Max. Max hasn't heard of personal space.
The girls are home now and they loved their trip. They were more impressed with Seattle over Portland; said Seattle just have a really good vibe. I think I know where I need to go next....I love a place with a good vibe.

3) We had all the trees on our property trimmed this past week; hurricane prep. We have about 49 palm trees and 8-9 oak trees. Some of our oak trees have NEVER been trimmed or thinned out.
This is our favorite tree and now that it's thinned out, I have MORE room for orchids in there. :)

It looked as though hurricane Irma made a reappearance until all was cleaned up.

Happy hump day!


  1. I don't think there are any grammar police checking your blog so feel free to punctuate and capitalize as you wish. Great way to spend a quiet 4th. I had no idea butterflies were bothered by the noise. How can you tell?

  2. I read it on the internet. Where else? :)

  3. We really need to consider trimming our trees again. It has been less than five years but probably close to it. The guys we had last time were amazing. They cleaned up so well that we did not see hardly any saw dust crumbs in the yard!

  4. ...I hear that ALL CAPS is rude.
    ...only 12 million bottle rockets?
    ...Portland is a fun spot.
    ...I just had tree work done on Monday.


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