April 08, 2016

The Real Renovation-after post.

We had to break away from the renovation to see a little NCAA BBall in Houston! Woot woot. It was fun even though our FGCU boys didn't quite make it there. {{next year?}

I had a super duper hard time trying to put before and after pics together from the same angle. Do you feel sorry for me? Nah.......I'm actually the worst before/after blogger ever. Where's my award?
This is the view coming in from the back hallway.

The old layout had a formal living and formal dining room in front of the house with a wall dividing. Now, the wall is gone and I can see the front doors/windows from any vantage point.

 The dogs love their spot in the family room. All the doors on the back side are pivoting. You can open the entire room by sliding them all down to one end (or the other) and stacking them.
 View from the front entry doors. FYI: Callie the Cow dog has been such a good addition to our family. We LOVE HER.

 View from the back/side door

 View from the back back doors. Wait...I'm thinking we have too many doors.
Don't worry about our privacy, we have shades on all the windows; they're hidden in the ceiling soffit.

The dining area. I've always wanted a large table and apparently I eventually always get what I want.

Sadly, it came with cracks in it....not even a discount was offered. LOL!
{Live edge walnut slab table}

 The Coach made (had made for me) this custom china cabinet. It's mine....ALL MINE!

Are the countertops swoon worthy? Yes. They're even swine worthy. They are quartzite;  not to be confused with man-made quartz.
 Can you find the dishwasher and garbage cans? It's not easy.... Did you know we are in the kitchen/stone business? Yeah, otherwise this wouldn't be so pretty.
One day I'll post about the details; wall colors, floor choices...more details. I found SO much good info on the 'net that I'd like to also be of help to someone. {hello-porcelain tiled wood planked floors and all the darned Sherwin Williams paint color samples}

Our mudroom/coffee central itself will get it's own post soon. Wait...did someone say coffee?
Happy Friday my friends. I hope life is good in your neighborhood. We're getting used to living in our lovely house and planning a COLLEGE GRADUATION. *sigh* Seriously. I could die from happiness.



  1. So very pretty! No wonder you are happy! Love the open floor plan and all the windows. Your big table is gorgeous. I really like the countertops, too. So happy that Callie has such a good home to retire in. Have a great weekend and I look forward to more pics!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! I'd be scared to turn my three boys loose in there!

  3. EVERYTHING about this is swoon-worthy!!!! Love,love,love!!! I bet you guys are going to have some great parties in this space!!!

  4. You've done a wonderful job with your renovations. I haven't seen houses looking this good in magazines.

  5. Your home looks amazing!! You have done a wonderful job, it looks like something out of a magazine! College graduation already? We're getting ready for our first high school graduation here...

  6. All those light colored fabrics, all those shedding dogs… ;)

  7. What a lovely home. Spacious and inviting and perfect for entertaining.

  8. you have a gorgeous place.

  9. Swoon! I love it all. I would love to start all over with my house and make it lighter and brighter. Or just start over with another house. Ha. So excited for you to get to enjoy this reno you've worked so hard for! :)

  10. Gorgeous! Are you really in the kitchen business? Really?

  11. Your home looks great! Very modern and full of light.
    College graduation already? Your eldest child can't be that old!

  12. i love, love, LOVE it!! wow, it is flipping through the pages of a magazine!! ashlyn graduates next month too! congrats to our girls!! and wait, callie the cow dog? i missed this...she is so cute!!!

  13.! I have total kitchen envy. Make that lust! Those counters! That stove! ALL THAT STORAGE!!!!! And don't even get me started on the china cabinet. (or the awesome cow dog!) This looks spectacular! When I get my big cookbook deal, I'm going to invite myself over to shoot all the photos in your awesome kitchen. :)

  14. Wow, wow, wow! So beautiful! That china cabinet!!! I need it! And I love all of the windows and light. So great!


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