September 08, 2015

Life, Death, Margaritas and traveling to Ireland. Part Uno

So many things have been happening.
We've been busy busy prepping the house and our lives for the ginormous renovation AND my Mom's interment service.

My Mom's service was something SO darn special. I really wish she was there IN person so I could see the smile on her face; I know without a doubt that she loved it.
If someone ever has another funeral and invites me, I'll refuse to attend.
Ok, maybe I won't, but I'll be disappointed that they didn't have a celebration instead; I'm telling you, it's the way to go.

First off, months ago, even before my Mom became ill she told us all about this great place that she had visited. The Monastery of the holy spirit in Conyers, GA. She and a girlfriend took a day trip and loved the tour so much. (I had been there a few times as a teen with my church group; it is a beautiful place) Mom mentioned that near the Monastery they did green burials on protected land. She was fascinated by this....and you know, with me being green and all, I was too. What a great concept.
While she was sick, we really didn't discuss the plans if perhaps she didn't survive cancer...but
she's been telling me forever that she wanted to be cremated. She never wanted to take up precious land space when she was gone. This worked out well since you can place your remains in a spot on the green cemetery. 

The family took a trip there while Mom was in hospice knowing we'd need to choose the perfect spot for her.

We all found a great area that we liked; Lolo and Linds actually picked THE spot for Mom.
Something really cool about this place is that the Monks pray daily for those who are resting here and this land will never ever be touched. It is protected until the end of time.
And you don't have to be a certain religion OR any religion at's open to all of us. 

You can go and visit any time too; it's a beautiful place to walk and enjoy nature. No headstones; nothing obtrusive, Only a simple stone engraved with your name. They are truly green; if you wish to NOT be cremated, you're wrapped in a shroud or placed in a pine box. Everything has to be compostable. We decorated a cardboard box for my Mom's cremains...I really should have used a shoe box though; she was a fan of shoes. 
We finalized her plans back in June but we didn't have the wherewithal to actually HAVE the service back then. The Coach had the idea to wait until Labor Day weekend...which was a great idea. Between cleaning out her apartment, organizing finances, etc...waiting was the way to go. Also, it gave us some time to heal emotionally. 

 I'll share some photos and details from her service (and then some) soon; it was quite spectacular if I don't say so myself. 

I hope all my blog friends are doing well; you're missed!!!



  1. i didn't realize what that beautiful heart box was... how special! all of those photos :) i am so thankful that it was perfection... margaritas & all <3

  2. ummm... what is the traveling to ireland bit?

  3. That sounds lovely! I'm so glad you were able to find the perfect spot for your mom. And did you go to Ireland and totally forget to include that in the post?!

  4. Having a celebration instead of a funeral sounds like a great idea and I love the place you chose for her.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have a celebration of life for someone who really enjoyed life? Beautiful resting place.


  6. This is the first I've heard of green cemeteries, but I really like the concept. Having a celebration instead of a 'funeral services' is definitely the attitude to have.

  7. I saw a documentary that included a story about this monastery. They spoke of inclusion of all people who have faith as well as those who struggled. I love the concept and I'm glad your mother is there in peace.

  8. Traveling to Ireland because of the green? My husband wants to be buried in a green cemetery, too. That was a lovely way to send your mom off. Hugs.

  9. Sound like the best way to do it! I'm going to have my family do that when I pass, (whenever that is!) I really want to make it as easy as I can for my kids. Awesome Suse!

  10. What a sweet way to celebrate your Mom. Big hugs to you. Hope you are doing well XO

  11. What a wonderful way to celebrate your mom. I love this idea and the monastery sounds so peaceful and serene. I'm happy you had such a good send off for your special mom. xoxo to you.

  12. What an absolutely perfect place, Suz. I can see peace in the photograph, because of the gorgeous greenness, light and shade; I can feel peace of heart, because of the community's prayers, the forever-protectedness of the place, and the knowledge that your mom chose it. She chose it! - and let you know, without "knowing" what was coming. Such loving provision and intuition from your mom, the monks, and God!

  13. This place sounds just perfect. I love you.

  14. This sounds like the perfect place to lay your mom to rest, and a celebration is the way to go. We did something similar with my mom, Her children, grandchildren, and even a few "greats" gathered to place her ashes in the New Orleans family tomb. We were mostly happy as we remembered and celebrated her life. She would have loved to have a jazz band put her to bed, but we settled for a few songs and great meals.
    5 years later, I still unexpectedly find myself wishing I could tell Mom some joke or story only she would appreciate. Her memory and love will be with me always.

  15. what a beautiful place and wonderful she mentioned it to perfect...we used to live in walton county and my husband worked in conyers...we were "this close" to meeting up! i have never heard of this place, wish i had known about it when we lived there.

  16. Just now catching up and reading these three posts in order. What a precious photo of Beverly. This is a gorgeous final resting place for her. I'm so happy that you chose to wait until Labor Day. Your Mom would have loved this celebration of her life. Mildred


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