July 03, 2015

TGIF: Walking the walk and some other stuff too.

The Cocoa-nater needs exercise daily. 
She really loves it; but like everyone else, she's getting old. She's going to be 70 in September and for a boxer that is ancient. So our walks are starting to be a battle of wits. Meaning my wits are being battled. She loves the beginning of our walks, but the last 10-15 minutes looks a bit precarious for me; I don't know if I can carry 55lbs!  I've even shortened our walks, but those last few houses she keeps looking at me: "Did someone move OUR house mama? It seems so far away now."
*heavy panting*

I'm looking into getting lasik surgery. I had a consult a few weeks ago and another coming this week. 
I'll make my decision soon. I'm sick and tired of wearing glasses. The Coach asked me what bothers me so much with wearing glasses. 
Me: "Well, they get dirty all the time and with my OCD I'm constantly cleaning them....and then my hair gets caught in the hinges and I'm losing precious hair." 
Him: "So, you're going to have a laser surgery so you don't lose any more hair?"
Me: "Pretty much." 

Plus, I'd like to be able to see. all.the.time.

(Contacts worked for a few years, but that ship has sailed away with my age!)

At my appointment they dilated my eyes and then sent me I couldn't see very well, but I took a photo of my ginormous pupils to share with my people before I drove into a ditch drove home.  Ya know, for old times sake and all. Just in case. 
I must have forgotten to brush may hair on this day. It's hard to remember everything.

Has anyone had lasik surgery and you can still read this post???

Fathers day was a few weeks ago. (really? That long ago?)
I just want to let you all know that our girls are alive and well!! Remember when my posts were all about the funny ways they would try to drive me crazy? Well, I'm guessing they are doing that to other people now since I don't see them as much. 

I love my people!!!

I hope you're all getting the necessary exercise, seeing well and get to hug some super sweet people here and there. Honestly, the hugging of people is better if you KNOW those actual people. 
Hugging strangers is frowned upon. Well, I read that somewhere. 
Damn restraining orders.

Enjoy your Independence weekend!!!



  1. Guess I'm lucky right now - instead of having to hug strangers, I get to hug my sister for a few weeks. :-) Happy Independence day to you and your people!

  2. good luck on the eye stuff!

  3. I'm still wearing glasses, but my daughter is getting lasik surgery next week. Tell Cocoa I agree that when walking houses are mysteriously further apart than they used to be. Have a great weeiend.

  4. My brother is in the process of scheduling Lasik. I've been talking about it for about 20 years now, but I'm too afraid. But, I'm with you, I'm so sick of wearing glasses. :(

    I hope your family has a safe and happy holiday weekend.


  5. Fortunately I wear only reading glasses. My distance vision is 20/15 and continues to amaze my ophthalmologist. If only she wouldn't say..."amazing at your age." I have several friends who had Lasik and were delighted with the outcome.

  6. I think I lost my first comment. Best wishes if you decide on the surgery. I know a few people who had the surgery and they all did great.
    Give Cocoal a hug from me. Love the Father's Day photo and I wish you all a happy 4th!

  7. Ah, I love wearing glasses, sorry, cannot advise you :)

  8. I waited too long for lasik. I finally asked my eye doctor about it last year and she said, I would still need reading glasses since I'm to the point I really need bifocals! AUGH!! It didnt make much sense to get lasik and still need to pull out reading glasses!

  9. I am so with you on hating the smudges on my glasses. I am forever dragging out the tiny cleaning cloth that comes with them and trying to get 'the smudge' off. And with anti-reflective coating added, they smudge so much easier. It's a double edged sword. But I hate glasses in general too. I had one pair that were super comfortable and I wore them for YEARS. And then finally my scrip changed and it took me two new pairs to find another pair that could compare to the first. So if you can get lasik, I say go for it!

    Your poor puppy. I'm sure the walks are doing him good but poor fella toward the end. Maybe take a water bottle for him to get a little refreshment along the way. dunno.

  10. I try to refrain from hugging too many strangers. Love that last photo of your peeps, everyone looks great! I haven't had lasik, but my MIL did years ago {like 13 years, maybe?}, and her eyes are still doing great! Happy 4th, Suz!

  11. Hi There, How are you? I know you have gone through so much the past several months... BUT--you sound like life is as good as possible these days --and you certainly have a wonderful family to love and be with you. I have heard good things about Lasik surgery... IF you are a good candidate--then go for it!!!!

    Poor Cocoa... I understand being 70!!!!! George and I are TRYING to stay healthier --so we are doing tons and tons of walking these days. Sometimes, I feel just like Cocoa feels.


  12. lasik?! you are getting brave. let me know if you need a ride :)
    i cannot offer cocoa a ride though. my car says: no dogs allowed. maybe you should just walk the property fence line... so that in case she gets tooo tired, you are already home.
    i love that pic of the girls & coach... they have such a great daddy, and i am so glad they KNOW it!!!

  13. I am new to glasses and I hate them. Sadly there is not surgery yet for "getting old eye syndrome". I'm glad to know there is someone else out there who probably washes their glasses as much as I do. I can' stand the smudges. Give sweet Cocoa a hug from me.

  14. Poor Cocoa...I feel her pain...someone moves my house every time I go out for a run. I would like Lasik but I am afraid something would happen and I am the only one who can see well enough to drive after my husband's surgery and stroke....we would be stuck! On the other hand, a friend had Lasik and is very happy with the results.

  15. Still dealing with glasses myself. You have a precious family!!!!! Poor Cocoa, since I'm 63 I can say that I understand how she feels

  16. I wish I could get Lasik, but my issue is up close not far away--so monovision contacts and progressive lenses it is.

    Tell Cocoa I feel him--my bounceback time is taking way too long these days.

  17. So hard when you doggy decides they are done with the walk! Perhaps you will have to start taking a wagon with you, you know, just in case :)
    I have a couple of friends who have had the magical eye surgery and LOVED it. They see better than I do now! Best of luck with that decision!

  18. I am wearing trifocals as I type this (they are called "progressive" lenses now - don't you love euphemisms? Progressing to what, we might ask?). I wanted to try contacts, too, but they haven't invented the contacts which can do all that I need (yet). Getting older is NOT for sissies!
    It looks as if you gave Coach exactly what he wanted for Father's Day - two wonderful daughters!
    Dear Cocoa,
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (I did not make that up). The journey down the block to answer Mother Nature's call also begins with a single step (I did make that up). You can do it, one step at a time! Love, Gberger xoxo

  19. It's a good thing Cocoa didn't jump in your arms and make you carry him back home.

    I can't help with the eye talk, but you should probably take Dawn up on the offer of a ride!


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