September 28, 2012

Transvestites and strippers; we are family.

There has been a lot of himming and hawing, moaning, groaning and general grumbling around this house.
And that was just me getting my pants on.

Anyhoo, The Homecoming dance is this weekend. THIS dress made me giddy.
If I had my way, Lindsay would be wearing it to the dance. {Doing her best 'Toddlers in Tiara's" pose}
BUT, do I get my way? 
Well, I did once. Or thrice.

 Sadly, the dresses that SHE desires to wear make her appear as though she is 25. 
We compromised with purchasing a dress that makes her look like she is 18. 
Which is ok, since she is almost 17. 
You do the math, 'cause I'm exhausted.

Now that I think about it....I don't really have any issues with her dress choices, it's the SHOES! 
She covets shoes that transvestites also covet. And strippers. 
Lest we forget the strippers.  

Have a great weekend!
And if you dance this weekend, dance like nobody's  watching...because more than likely, nobody's watching.
Unless you have a creepy neighbor. Or you're a stripper.



  1. It's always harder for the mom! Oh wait, it's actually worse yet for the dad.

    But I know she'll be s beautiful as can be in spite of her hooker heels. ;)

  2. my girls homecoming dance is this weekend too. Two of them are nominees for homecoming court...dress shopping was. well, dress shopping with kids that think they are adults. I believe we did pretty good on the dresses....hope your daughter has a great time!

  3. Both her and the dress are simply darling!

  4. Oh she looks grown up!! Eek it happens way to fast!

  5. They do grow up fast! I guess compromise is the order of the day. Have fun, Linds.

  6. Hey, Strippers are people too! I guess the same goes for Transvestites but they just scare me. But you're right, their shoes are kinda whore-ish.
    Just get Linds some flip-flops and she's good to go!
    I hope she has fun this weekend.
    And since you mentioned it, I think I'll dance too! And just like they sang about Lady Godiva on Maude I don't "care if the whole world looks". m.

  7. She looks like a ballerina in that picture. :-) Hope she has lots of fun at the dance this weekend. Can't wait to see the dress and shoes she's picked...

  8. I'm a creepy stripper.

    Ya, what is it with the hooker shoes the young-uns desire these days? Makes my scream just looking at them. Suppose I could wear them for a few hours though and stand out under a streetlight on the corner. Maybe someone would throw money at me... or arrest me.

  9. Maybe we should pass on looking like a stripper...not really a good look. On anybody. LOL

    Like her T&T pose...very nice. ; )

  10. Sometimes I dance when nobody's watching. But I would find it hard to dance as my one of my daughters flits out the door to her first real dance...Oh my - I will be calling on your experience my friend!

  11. Cute dress...what did she end up wearing?

  12. Very cute!
    "Not Will Ferrell ‏@itsWillyFerrell
    Yes, I'm dancing in my car. Yes, I see you staring at me. No, I do not care."

  13. i already saw the dress she ended up wearing but she looks like a fairy tailed princess in this blue one... and she coulda gone barefoot to add to the ambience... well, erm, maybe NOT cuz then she might step on tortilla chips or chip a toenail or have to walk on squishy worms... yeah, DONT go barefoot!

  14. Young people and their gorgeousness! Jealous!
    She looks beautiful. Love the T and T's pose too. Def. not Honey Boo Boo.

  15. I missed this while I was gone. :( Can't wait for the pictures of what she actually wore!


  16. She's so pretty and sweet! Where is the photo of the shoes, Suz? xoxo

  17. Beautiful dress... but I am confused. Is this or isn't this the dress she wore? Or did Homecoming not happen yet? Where are the pics, if it did happen?
    I am confused.


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