February 01, 2012

The hairy little booger....

is alluding me.
Screen..what am I going to do with you? Living up there in your penthouse....pooping in your penthouse!

I went to domestic animal services this weekend and they let me borrow a {humane} cat trap to catch the little booger. They said after I caught it, to call and they would come and pick it up.....and I had to ask: What will you do with it? Will it be adopted?
The reply? No,  'Mrs. optimistic who wants to save the world', most likely it would be euthanized.
She didn't actually say that...but I know she was thinking it!

Oy. My heart. My big palpitating heart dropped. I wish nothing bad for this little guy/gal. And I can't live with myself if this were the outcome. Yes, I am pro-choice....but this kitty wasn't given a choice.

I spoke with a volunteer group who specializes in feral cats. They were so appreciative of my efforts and of feeding it...but they have NO room for anymore cats.

So, I had another plan. Use the trap, catch the little squatter, take him to a vet who will spay/neuter it for $50 bucks. They do this to keep the feral cat population to a minimum. Its a brilliant idea.

Yeah, brilliant, if the squatter actually makes the trap close. Screen ate the tuna {albacore in spring water no less}
But the trap did not close. Perhaps Screen is TOO small..weighs too little?

{I closed the trap prior to a certain boxer getting it's head stuck trying to find some tuna remnants!}

I dreamt last night that I caught Screen, and as I approached the trap, Scree turned into a full grown woman who was feral. Yeah, I had my hands full with her about a hot mess!


  1. Bless your heart for working to do the right thing by this poor kitty. I hope he appreciates your efforts. I do.

  2. Ohhhh dear! You're still trying to catch the little furball? You have to admit, it's a cutie!

  3. thank you so much for your visit to
    recuerda mi corazon. your compassion and support of hope and brighter futures for those suffering from rare disease is so appreciated.

    as for screen, oh if only we lived mother is looking to adopt a rescue kitty. i hope someone reading your blog will be the one to open a door for you and little screen!

  4. Bless your heart, Suz! I hope he finds a good home after he comes down from your pool screen.

    As Chumley is my only contact with a feral cat, I don't recommend adopting Screen, but perhaps there is only ONE like Chumley, and Screen might be gentler. We can hope!

  5. Oh Screen definetly wandered into the right back yard. He's just making sure you fall head over heels in love with him before he allows himself to be caught!

  6. This is quite the saga you have going on over there! Can't wait for part next!

  7. Durn cat.
    LOL @ the Wiki link.
    Maybe I should purchase some tuna stock, as much as you just might go through trying to catch Screen.

    I wish I lived closer, we could do a cat chase, or a dance or something.

  8. Hi, Sorry I haven't been around this week. We have been traveling and taking more photos... Hope you are having a great week.

    Oh My Goodness... You have quite a problem... I know you need to get that kitty off of your roof...

    Try some WD-40 on the trap hinges... Maybe that will make the trap close easier...

    Good Luck.

  9. ugh!!!!! you need to sleep! i hope this is solved soon... what did coach think about the mascot idea???

  10. That is one lucky kitty--I know that trap well having had to use it for skunks. Good luck!

  11. Good luck with kitty. My father-in-law once coaxed a kitty down from a telephone pole in the backyard with steak....the cat then lived with them for hte next 18 years..and was the best cat :)

    Good luck!

  12. Screen has good taste! First he moved in with you. And he eats the best tuna. Who would want to leave?

  13. I think you have another cat. He/she looks very comfortable where he/she is!

  14. What a dilemma. Such a funny perch up there. What if you sprayed that 'cat scram' stuff around the outside of the house (or just that section)?

    I've had good luck with it before in my raised garden beds.

  15. You have 2 dilemmas, first catching him, then deciding what to do with him. Poor little guy. He could join the circus for a high wire act.

  16. Thanks for trying to right by pooping screen kitty. ;)

  17. oh man, what are you going to do now?

  18. Hi! I'm visiting from Gary's blob. It looks like we might live in the same area...judging by the pool screen and the fact that YOU, lucky dog, got to go to the Zac Brown Band concert on Friday. I have a friend who rescues feral cats and has had great success in rehabbing them for adoption. You can send me an email if you need help and I'd be happy to give you her info.

  19. You are a goooood woman!!!! We love cats, too and like you, want no more but could not send one to its death either. Your dream was funny!
    Obviously I am just now playing 'catch-up' with my blog reading.


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