January 09, 2012

Confusion manufactured by manufacturers and goat-tee good pizza.

I had a very productive weekend...Ok, maybe NOT VERY, but semi-productive....and really, that is the best kind for me. I love nothing better than starting Monday knowing I've put a dent in my to-do-lists. Just a dent. How about you??

Being productive isn't always exciting or sharable. But you know what is sharable? Things that make you go hmmm.

This right here perplexes me so much, that my brain gets all squeaky thinking about it.
24 hour moisture.
AFTER 4 showers?
What does that mean? I have to wait to have moisture after 4 showers?

For every 4 showers, I have 24 hours of moisture?
Therefore 8 showers gives me 48 hours of moisture? 
If I skip a shower, what happens?

I don't get it...sounds like some of those lies my high school math teacher made up to make me feel inadequate.

Frankly, I don't even use it. I like an old fashioned bar of soap.  Soap has no directions or specifications and I like that. I like that a lot.
FYI: If you ever find yourself in prison, remember: DON'T drop the soap; this is what you learn from watching cable tv.

And for your belly yearning pleasure, I present to you dinner from last night. The photo does not do it justice. 
Goat cheese and veggie pizza. I know. Darn tootin' that is pretty and it was so darn good I slapped myself! Twice.
Notice, I didn't think to photograph it until I tasted the first piece. Will you forgive me?

I hope your weekend was fun. Or productive. Or yummy. 
Or perhaps all of the above?


  1. If I could, I would eat that for breakfast : ) YUM!

  2. You should send that body wash picture into some of those "funny photo" contests they have...on Ellen and Leno. :)

  3. I was totally gonna say the same thing!! I LOVE pizza for breakfast.

  4. First, I don't think that you'll ever be hired as a photographer for Food and Wine Magazine. I could be wrong, but...
    Second, I've always found you quite moist. Well, you know, from this distance.
    Third, I'm glad you were able to put a dent into your "to do" list. I didn't but I'm glad you could.
    Fourth, I'll drop the soap if I want!

  5. Soap should be one of those things that you don't have to decipher how it works. No wonder you don't want to use that kind!

  6. Productivity and crossing things off lists are a big Jan. goal for me...I am about well, sort of, kind of making progress...I think I might stop and take 4 showers with your soap and eat some pizza though...

  7. Your pizza looks better than the one I blogged about. You are way cooler!

  8. LOL That bodywash is confusing!!
    The pizza looks fabulous:) I also had a productive weekend. Survived my daughters sleep over party. *Pats herself on back:)

  9. The pizza looks delish! Weird about the bodywash - how do they know??

  10. I think just to be safe you should put the matching 24 lotion on, too...twice.

    Gosh, that pizza looks scrumtpious!

  11. CH LOVES goat cheese on pizza.
    I did NOTHING this weekend...unless you want to count sitting on the couch playing Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends and watching Season 6 of Dexter as doing something.

  12. my skin is so dry. can the showers be all in the same day? find out, will ya?

    yummo pizza. and i thought you were just the queen bee of salad & paninis. did you make the crust?

    i still miss you.

  13. Ooooh, yummy pizza!!! I probably would've eaten it all before I'd remembered pictures!

    Not sure what to think of the body wash :/ Does that mean it takes four washes before moisture really starts kicking in? If you miss a few showers, do you have to start over again. I don't like to have to think too hard when I'm in the shower.

  14. A math teacher told you lies to make you feel inadequate? Surely you jest! I can honestly say that in all my years of teaching math, I never told a lie to make a student feel inadequate (making them feel better is a different story).

    But nice guy that I am, I'll forgive that slander for a slice of that yummy pizza.

  15. The soap? I'm confused too. The pizza...I'll skip the goat cheese for maybe a ricotta, but I'll love those veggies!!! Delish!

  16. Oh, that pizza looks GOOD. How did you get your crust so thin and crispy-looking?
    I don't understand that shower-soap label, either. The things they dream up to complicate our lives! ;)

  17. Thanks for the prison tip on no soap dropping. One never knows when one might be in that position == er, no pun intended.
    That pizza does look yummy.
    No body wash for me. It's way too confusing.

  18. Wow, that pizza looks absolutely delicious!! The best part, I could have it all to myself since there are several things on there nobody (but me) would eat on a pizza. Maybe that's the way to go....

  19. Your pizza looks delish! I love thin crust! : ) That soap is weird..I agree. I am using all sorts of different kinds right now trying to find a 'healthy' one that doesn't leave me all dry and itchy. So far I've settled on the "Yes to.." line for soap, face moisturizer and hand lotion. : )

  20. I am reading this while eating hummus and red pepper pizza--all the more delish because my daughter made it!

  21. Love goat cheese/veggie pizza! But I need fewer yellow peppers and more onions and mushrooms, please.

  22. About soap - - - the kind my husband uses changed the shape - - supposedly to make it easier to hold and put on a washcloth or your body. What I noticed was the bar seemed smaller!

  23. Did we have the same high school math teacher? I don't feel much better helping my second grader do word problems.....
    I always knew body wash was too complicated. I keep trying to convince my daughter (and sons but they won't admit to it) that soap is better--as long as they don't drop it!
    That pizza looks good! I wonder how I could "sneak" some goat cheese into something and surprise the kids...................

  24. Hi Suz, That Body Wash bottle is confusing for sure... Don't think I'd try that one. I'd want that moisture after the first shower!!!!! ha

    Your pizza makes me hungry... It looks so good---I can almost taste it... Yum!


  25. Mmmm pizza...yuck to do list...glad you were productive....spent the weekend prepping for the CA Kinder Conference next weekend....oh ya!

  26. ...just one more...where was that body wash bottle made?...that may explain the mystery...lost in translation :)

  27. That soap bottle was confusing. I was ready for you to write, 'If , after 4 consecutive showers, Sally left Omaha traveling east at 50 MPH and Jill left Richmond (after 4 showers taken in a 24 hour period) and was traveling west @ 220 MPH, who was moister?'

  28. False advertising at it's finest..
    Maybe that's why they created soap on a rope? As for the Pizza, send me a piece and I'll do a review for ya:) Was another jammie weekend here in the land of lost lizards... Have a great week Suz.

  29. All the veggies on that pizza look yummy. I'm not so sure about the goat cheese, though...

  30. Hi there, I'm new to your blog, I came over from Maple Lane. You are hilarious. I love your sense of humor. On my blog, you'll find a picture of my new puppy. She's part boxer. You might like it.
    Anyway, I love your blog and your newest follower!


  31. Haha, that body wash is weird! Please let us know if you figure out the answer to the math problem!

    oh, that pizza looks goooood. I love goat cheese and spinach. Yum.


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