September 09, 2011

We're Gonna Party Like It's 1967!

{minus the racism, chauvinism and plaid wide legged pants}

SOMEONE is having a birthday on Saturday.

I won't mention any names....but SOMEONE is turning FORTY FOUR. 
And she is NOT happy about getting OLDER. 
But she is thankful to still be ALIVE at 
FORTY {freakin'} FOUR. 

And to make shopping for SOMEONE easier, SOMEONE is registered at her two favorite stores;
Target and Tiffany.

Yes, SOMEONE is always thinking about others. 
SOMEONE finds this to be exhausting.

HEY, guess who used to be super cute and always had messy hair? (no matter how hard her Mama tried!)

 Hey, guess who used to have a 'tude...
{you would have been peeved too if you only got an old lady doll and a three wheeled bike for Christmas. The pile on the right is my Brothers. I swear}
Hands on the hips much??? 
Yeah,  SOMEONE still rocks that 'tude. And her hair is still somewhat messy. What of it???

Unless you are from another planet (Does Mork from Ork read this?) you figured out SOMEONE is moi.

Does it make you feel weird when I speak French? Yeah, me too. I don't even like French food.  
Unless French fries are in fact, French.

I have the privilege of sharing my birthday weekend with some good friends and a lil' boy who is  stealing my thunder because it is his SECOND birthday!!!
 Yeah, way too much cuteness to be contained.

I will only have my thunder stolen by a cute lil' man.
I won't even demand a nap or cake. 

I hope YOU have a beautiful weekend...and hey, have a good meal or a glass bottle of wine in my honor.

And please, for the love of all things shiny, sparkly and unicorn-ish~~~~recycle that bottle!!!!

I changed my mind on that nap. I am already tired of being 40-something. 
And I want cake. 

I really need to know...

Would you rather be 44 or 24???

Really? why???

     **My heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those good folks in the North East dealing with floods. Bee safe.**



    What a cutie you are. Enjoy your weekend with the birthday boy. All I got to say is: one look at me and you know what the next 10 years will be like!!!!! Live it up!

  2. OMG! Is that doll Mrs. Beasley from Family Affair?!?

  3. Hey, your birthday is a week before mine and I'm going to be 42. I had and still have plenty of 'tude and I don't even want to talk about messy hair. I'll be toasting your birthday with a glass (or two) of wine and I'll most certainly recycle that bottle. Have a wonderful, fun filled, happy Birthday Suz!!!
    Oh, I'd take 44 over 24 any day of the week. So much more anxiety at 24 than at 44...

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Loved those pictures! I'm much rather be 44...I think I was less stressed at 44 than 24. My kids didn't need me as much, but I would like to have that 24 year old weight back, thank you very much! :D

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday!! I would rather be 44 with the body I had at 24. I'm a much happier person now - with age comes wisdom and all that:)

  6. Well, I conceived Stud Muffin when I was 24, so that wasn't so bad. SOME of us won't be 44 for a whole 8 months more, so I can't quite relate. ;-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear, sweet Suz!! I hope you're weekend is filled with love, happiness and good times! Oh, and save me some cake, will ya?

  7. I'd rather be 44! (as opposed to 'more than that') which I am now. Have a lovely birthday Suz.

  8. I never take sides, so I'm going with : I'd rather be 34.
    Happy birthday, dearest!! May your entire gift registry be purchased and given to you.


    I love the 'tude!

    Those play cars in that one photo are so cracking me up with their 70's styling.

    You're as cute now as you were as a little one. I hope you have the best weekend ever. :)

  10. From someone who just turned sixty, I am trying to feel your pain of aging, and it's not happening!! However, I think the decade of the 40's was one of the best. Enough wisdom has been acquired to partner with the good health we still possess. You start to experience some empty nest. It is actually fun to be with only your spouse again. One thing you will notice - - - more after 50 - - - is that time is going to fly by faster.
    All that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I pray your celebration is wonderful because you are a wonderful delight to us all!!!

  11. lookit the teeth, the smile, the MISSUS BEASLEY! :) congrats young lady!

  12. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Suz!
    Secondly, if that is a Mrs. Beesley (sp) doll, I know why you were not happy - I received one of those, too, and NEVER liked it! Even if you were into dolls (which I wasn't), that one was worthless. What little child wants an old-lady doll? Sometimes grown-ups can be goofy. (Of course, I meant that about everyone older than you - and me - not about us!) Have a happy one, and I hope your wishes all come true! xoxoxoxo

  13. Girl, you are NOT a day over thirty. I've decided this for you.

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your newest follower/fan!! I hope it's incredible and I hope that I can one day attain your level of amazingness : )

    Karen B.

  14. Happy Birthday to you! That second picture is a riot...imagine if you still had that stash of your brothers gifts. They are fabulous!
    Umm my weekend, we are havng a birthday party to celebrate my baby turning 10!! (It's a week early but this way she can party all week) All you cool people were born in September:)

    Enjoy your party!

  15. Happy birthday! : ) I had one myself just the other day. Lemme tell ya, staring down the back side of the 40's is NOT any fun. Birthdays just aren't what they used to be...

  16. aww, happy birthday chicken.... altho' try being 45! pah!

    have a fab time, whatever you get up too....


    hello gorgeous xxx

    p.s. LOVE the fingerprint over the christmas tree...

  17. I would be happy to have cake in your honor, Suz.
    Happy birthday to you and the cute little dude!

  18. Dude, is that a generic Ms. Beasley Doll? That is so sad.
    But on to happier news, Happy Birthday! Wow, you are so much older than me. I should have known by all your wisdom and crap. But your youthful looks threw me off. I had always assumed that you were a teenage mother. Or maybe it was all those low cut blouses you wear that are most likely your daughters. So now that I know you're an old broad, I just have one thing to say to you. "Act your age"!
    Happy Birthday.
    Your Friend, m.
    Let me know how 44 works out for you.


    Your girls have a special present for you. Can't tell you what it is but it starts with "p" and ends with "ogo."

  20. Awww, Happy Birthday, Love! I had the messiest hair when I was little. I used to look back at old pictures and ask my mom why she never did my hair. She'd reply: "I did. I even used dippity do. Your hair just never stayed put!" Well! I still have a lot of unruly hair ;)

    Have a couple extra pieces of cake for me ;)

    I'm sure 44 is great! I loved 24, though, too. Sierra was almost 2, and we had another little bun {Kenners} in the oven. Life seemed simpler somehow.

    Wasn't that "old lady doll" Mrs. Beasley? I think she is!

    Cute photos...and a very cute little boy!

    Can I be 24 and 44 again? Loved them both!


  22. awwww suz! you were so adorable (and still are) when you were little. i hated mrs. beasley in fact was into watching that show for awhile but mr. french started to creep me out, and the uncle was never home so it made me feel lonely and i quit watching it.

    i hope your whole weekend is filled with all the love you deserve, cuz that's a lot!

    and mortisha, my darlink... i LERVE it when you speak french.

    oooh la la la...

  23. Happy Birthday, Suz!!!

    I would rather be 44 than 24 or 34 or 43......

    BUT I would rather be 54 (which I am) than 44. And I'm quite sure 64 will be better still.

    Life only gets better. I promise you.

  24. Ah, Suz, you haven't aged a bit.

    I would rather be 44 than 24. I'll be there in two years. My twenties were so unbelievably tumultuous. I'm enjoying the much calmer, centered 40s. I like being all grown up, with money and stability. And, oh yeah, there's that little thing about understanding myself way better now than when I was 24!

    How about you? Do you wish you were still 24?

  25. Well, Happy Birthday to you! Eat some cake for me too, would ya? Chocolate please. And ice cream. And some butter cream frsoting if you are asking. I'll say 44..even though I'm a mere 39 ;) I like my life, most of the time my job, and I'm secure with who I am.

  26. Happy Birthday! I know you will enjoy the heck out of it and your family will spoil you completely--all as it should be.

    24 was the year I was recovering from a car accident that left me in chronic pain, so I'll take any year other than that one!

  27. Happy Birthday! To you and your little guy. Loved the pictures from your past. Too fun. That Granny Doll looks familiar. I'm taking 50 in about 9 days, so...44 looks good!

  28. ACH! You're still a baby.. And will always be a cutie. Me? No way would I go back to any age. Havin too much fun being the old gal who gets away with silly/fun/offthewall stuff...cause she's just old :) Age is just numbers Suz, make the most out of it! With or without the wine..

    Oh, Happy Birthday on here too! Hope you did something silly:) xoxox

  29. I'll pick 44 over 24 ANY day, but i would love to have the energy (and skin & hair) I had at 24.

    Can I have it ALL?? Please?


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