September 30, 2011

It's Hip To Be Square.

Ya'll cracked me up yesterday with those comments about my bedroom.

If that got you excited, wait till you see my clean/organized junk drawer. 
Hold on. Here it is. 

Ok, perhaps ONLY I get excited by an organized junk drawer?? Ironically, as I tried to put the drawer back into the cabinet I broke the drawer holder thingy....If only I knew a good cabinet guy. *snicker*

I was reading some fun factoids on Stumble upon the other day. (this is a big time suck, so only venture if you want to waste the rest of your day)

  • Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch TV for 3 hours. Put that in your pipe and don't smoke it. In case you live under a rock, smoking kills, but recycling will get you to the front of the line at the pearly gates!!!

  • In Japan, you can actually purchase a Square watermelon. This adds to my organizing delight. Stackable! I finally found a reason to move to Japan. Besides all the Hello Kitty stuff. Or is that China? Same diff.

  • Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles. And if I found out there was also NO spiders, I would be purchasing winter garb and packing my bags.

  • One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television. I've been on TV once (with Burt Reynolds). Still waiting for my appearance on COPS or the Real Housewives of nowheresville. Whichever comes first. 

How many times have you been on TV??? 

Wishing you all a beautiful, clutter-free, non-smoking, arrest free weekend!!! Or at least make that your goal. 


  1. Hello Kitty is from Japan. : ) Your junk drawer really is impressive. I have dividers..but it just divides up the junk in no real order. LOL I know where you can get Mickey Mouse shaped vegetation....Guess where! : )

  2. The picture of the junk drawer made me dizzy. Must be the angle. lol...

    I've never been on TV... but I did appear in a newspaper twice; both times when I was 16. Once as the Bunny Scout (I dressed up as the Easter Bunny when we lived in Ft. Knox. It was for the kids!)

    The second time was because my mom put an ad in the paper for my 16th birthday. She put in my school picture and sent beautiful birthday wishes. lol...

    Tell me more about this Burt Reynolds thing.

  3. Oh - and OMG, how did they get those watermelons all square like?! Crazy?!

  4. I could have been on tv when I was 6, on Officer Don's show in Atlanta. Being the wimpy, bashful kid though, I sat in mama's lap the whole time!!!!!

    Have a very nice weekend!

  5. Nice junk drawer. Mine doesn't look nearly that good.
    How does one grow a square watermelon, I wonder? Very weird.
    I'm one of the 3 out of 4 Americans, and I'm fine with that.

  6. Non-smoking and arrest-free: yes. Uncluttered? That's a way off in the future!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your peeps.

  7. Your junk drawer made me anxious. Nobody should be that organized!!!

    Isn't the square watermelon thing cool? I've been telling my class about it for years, usually around this time of year. It started because of one of my favorite fall/Halloween books, Spookley, the Square Pumpkin.

  8. With Burt Reynolds?
    He was my hero once upon a time (then Robert Redford took over)

  9. What's the Burt Reynolds story? You can't just say something like that and not expound!

    I enjoy your junk drawer very much. My mom doesn't even have one and I think she's abnormal. Everyone has junk.

  10. I have been interviewed on TV twice, the second interview is posted here on my blob, via youtube :) But never with Burt, OR LONI! And like your pitch drawer sez, PEACE GIRL.

  11. I love an organized junk drawer. Natch.

  12. 3x on TV....1. Donating blood at a blood drive in college I was in the background for a news clip- I did it for hte Chargers t-shirt. 2. In high school my friend and I cut class to go see Elton John get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...and there we were on the 5 O'clock news and I almost died when my mom and I were watching!! But she didn't notice me and my friend! 3. My friend and I made another news clip running Bay to Breakers Breakers in our bikinis.

    Organization is awesome!

  13. Woohoo...the junk drawer looks magnificent! Hubs would have it jumbled the first time he looked for something!

    Square watermelons...they had to grow them in a square box to get 'em that way. Something about that is just not 'natural'! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!

  14. Isn't a clean/organized junk drawer something of an oxymoron? I haven't seen any square watermelons and I haven't been on TV (at least that I'm aware of). I guess I'm just not hip.

  15. Junk and organized just don't're weird:)

    That Antarctica factoid would change if my ex were to take a vaca there. He's a snake...

    Bert Reynolds? You must have been a wee young thing...

    Closest I been is on the Price Is Right, in the audience, twice. But that dang Rod never said "C'mon Down" to me!

    Are they seedless??

    I can do the non smoking weekend. The rest, not so sure...

    Keep smilin:)

  16. yes i have been on TV, once. in the news from lincoln, ne. i was a part of the lawsuit to get medicaid back for parents who's kids were on it. we were on welfare at the time, as i was putting meself thru college whilst raisin me 4 kidlinks... oh, those were the days my friend, i thought they'd nevah end...

    i enjoy reading useless information, too.

  17. I was on The Bozo Show. I got selected for the shoe game. Everyone puts their shoes in a big pile and you race to see who can put theirs back on first. I cried and had to sit back down. Apparently, I was not cut out for the limelight.

  18. OF COURSE I've been on tv!!! In the audience for Dance Fever and The Today Show. An extra for the movie Pump Up The Volume- filmed at my high school. AND I was a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. And I won- natch.

  19. I've been on TV many, many times. I was the Regional Director for a very large home care agency with ten branch offices. With every disaster (perceived or real) the local stations wanted someone on the air and it was me most of the time. At first we used to tape the segments but then they became too commonplace. Surprisingly enough, not one person ever recognized me or asked for an autograph.

  20. I'm catchin' up, I'm catchin' up!!

    Well, at least I'm trying ;-)

    Our bed looks a lot like yours, only the headboard is straight not curved. King bed too, same color - could be family! LOL

    Since Dakotah's neck injury the dogs are not allowed upstairs, it's amazing how much cleaner that floor stays now.

    So they sleep downstairs in my office... one on the floor and one in her cozy bed.

    Go figure.

    How do they grow those watermelons??

  21. Suz my sister C hacked my account and posted that comment, not me, THE JO!!! lol just so you know, she goes into my blog occasionally and fixes things for me, apparently, went blogging while still signed in.

    I have never been on tv. Nor do i have 4 kids! Ouchie!!!!! Two was enough for my lil body!!! Lol

  22. How funny. I tried growing square watermelons and canteloupes once. They kinda/sorta creeped me out.

  23. I was on Jay Leno once, back in the 90's. I have that same umbrella! Your junk drawer is beautiful.

  24. hello...i'm a foreigner...being on tv is just part of the whole experience here in japan. but...i've also been in a movie here...i was the main character...uh-huh i was. okay so it was a documentary about the school i was working at,but!!
    oh...and shhhhh, don't say anything but...i'm the English voice at the streetcar stops here in nagasaki. shut up! ;-)
    did you know that there is a whole freakin' theme park dedicated to Hello Kitty and all the other characters at Sanrio? and.....(just to turn up the temptation a bit)'s on the same island as ME. think about it. i never...EVER get to go...hello? boys! pfffft.
    oh, and those watermelons? i saw some a department store...with a lovely price tag of about $150.....FOR ONE!!!
    bring lots of cash when you come!!!
    and yeah....burt reynolds, what??


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