April 05, 2011

That’s not my name.

Hello, my name is Suzanne.

Not Susan.

Not Sue.

If you ask me my name, and I say “Suzanne”….please don’t write or say “Susan” three seconds later.

That is not even close.

This happens with hostesses at restaurants,  Dr.’s offices, the drycleaner, my chauffeur mechanic; almost everywhere.

Is Suzanne that hard to say? That hard to spell?

For now on, I am going with my alter ego.

Just call me Suz Madonna.


Oh, and I love this song so much it makes my toes wiggle and my butt jiggle.

Thats NOT MY name.


Suz Madonna


  1. You are super cool Madonna!

  2. you are crazy. good thing i love that about you!

  3. Mwahahahahaaa

    Now I know I can win a Brittany IPod, dance around in glow in the dark stuff singing 'They call me Jo, they call me Lisa'...

    And call YOU Madonna:)

    This is gonna be a great day!

    xoxo Jakey :)


    I get called Victoria sometimes too and it's NOT MY NAME!

  4. You should hear how people butcher my name... ;-)

  5. Mine is easy. Nobody messed it up. But I'll remember to call you SUZANNE next time I see ya! : )

  6. hey madoona.. lol... that song makes me dance too! makes my butt jiggle, not giggle, and my bazoomas SWANG.... lmao i jus need to be careful i dont step on dem... as i dance...

  7. I totally get it.

    Kristin, Christine, Krista

  8. Are you talking about the Virgin Madonna or the one that claims to be "like a virgin"? Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Let me's THAT time of the month!

    Love you Suz!

  10. At least you aren't Mr. Hi-Me Ayala. Or Senor.

    My mom evid. had NO IDEA I would marry someone with a Spanish last name.


    I think Madonna suits you nicely.

  11. Do you think it's the extra syllable that gets them? Maybe you could simplify (for the public) and go by "Soo" or "Suz" and let them off the hook with the "anne." It's obviously too regal for everyday life. =) You could also try, "Suzanne, as in Pleshette" - or would that only work with those over 40 who had watched the Bob Newhart show?

    I love your name - it's very Francais!

  12. Frustrating, isn't it? My name gets messed up all the time too. People read it quickly and say another version of it. Annoying.

  13. Great song, Madonna! The beat does make a person want to whip out the dance moves.

  14. People seem to have a problem with Lori as well. It's Lori. Not Laura or Laurie or Lora.

  15. When I read the title of your post, that song is exactly what I thought of!
    Why do people think they have to shorten names? And now I have an ear worm and feel like dancin'! :D

  16. Suzanne and Susan. Two different names. Sigh!

  17. Everyone always asks me if I go by Millie, AFTER I have said my name is Mildred! I feel your pain - hugs from "Buffy" ha ha

  18. Suzanne, you remind me of my son, Robert. He hated to be called Rob or Bob.

  19. I get it. I am Terra not Tara. And Yes I have heard that my name means Earth in Latin and yes 5000 people have said to me "oh, like in gone with the wind" and well...when they get it wrong, say it wrong, spell it wrong...I quit correcting them because I figure if they don't get they don't know me and if they don't me...who cares!!!

  20. Bwhaha. My daughters name suffers in the same way. When I corrected the girl at the chiropractors office yesterday her 12 year old response "You can do that". I'm with you, please be courteous...don't go nick naming me until we are buds!

  21. I have that problem with my daughter's name. I'm pretty sure it drives her batty too!

  22. love the post and i hate being called Shelly or Mitch even when i say my name Michelle.

  23. I have the same problem, except everyone's either pronouncing my name "Suzanne," or writing it "Suzan."

    I don't get it!

  24. Suzanne is a beautiful name. I just looked up the meaning and if this site is right, it means Lily - - which is a BEAUTIFUL flower!

  25. Suzanne is an awesome name. I love the letter z, you are so lucky you get one.

    People often call me Rachel. I can't figure it out.

  26. ugh! totally get where you're coming from...I'm Susan but no end of times am I called Suzanne...wth!

    I had a best friend through high school called wouldn't think we would get mixed up but, guess what....ugh!!!

    I've decided to shorten it to Sue now...which, in other people's eyes also means Suzie, Sexy Sue, Suzie Q etc, etc....not sure we can win!

    Have a great week Madge!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  27. Suzanne is my mother's name, impossible to confuse it with anything else - it's music! :-)


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