March 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

ten on ten :: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.  Or something like that.

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Perhaps the most mundane day of my week…with one HIGH point. 





Ice maker




White dog


The high point was finding a wonderful home for The White dog. I had a feeling this pup came to us for a reason…and not to be our dog. Not only was she wanted…she was practically NEEDED for companionship. I am so happy for her and her new family!!!

* doing my happy doggie dance*

Did you have a high point on this rainy lovely Thursday?



  1. Yay!! White Dog has a home!!!

  2. I love your framed kids' artwork--it's fantastic!

    Yay for a new home for white dog.

    I had a lovely breakfast with fellow blogger Aaryn Belfer, baked a cake for my son's 18 birthday and will host a bunch of goofball kids for dinner.

  3. fantastico :) So nice of you to help white dog out, and then to people who needed her! And once again, that pool area...holy cats.....

  4. I am glad the white dog has found a good family! I hope that rain you are getting isn't part of that nasty storm we had up here in Pensacola yesterday! The local station pre-empted for storm coverage all day because it was so bad. Missed my soaps...

  5. Suz!!! LOL! You and I MUST have met in another life. I absolutely LOVE lunch/dinner foods for breakfast. It was even part of my Ten on Ten. I loved preparing for the post. So neat.

    Congratulations to White Heat and her new home! May she enjoy her new life in peace, joy, and companionship. With plenty o' treats!!! She got a good start at your castle. You're a wonderful woman with a big, loving heart.

    Loved your 10 on 10. I realized how kind of mundane my days are. I'm pretty much stuck in my office all day. :-( Is it 5 yet!? :-)

    Believe it or not, I'm actually craving waffles for dinner. Sheesh.

  6. P.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) I love Mahi.

    2) I love the 80s on XM.

    3) White Heat is so pwettyyyy.

    4) The art on your fitness room wall ROCKS.

    5) Think it's hilarious that you have an actual "house" glass on your treadmill. I do the same with my house mugs in my car.

    6) Is that a frog in your water?!!! God help me if you've been holding out on us with some ancient diet & lookin' gorgeous secret!!!!!

  7. My high point was when our government liaison (aka our boss!) walked into the construction trailer to find Vol Fan napping on the floor and me napping on 3 folding chairs!!

  8. I am so tickled that the white dog has found the most wonderful home! She did look awfully sad to leave you in that shot though.

    I love your daily routine! Truly!

  9. Ok, all but the FISH were simply wonderful things to experience through you! and yeah for white dog!

  10. hooray for the white dog!!! and for you. so glad it worked out in your favor :) and the dogs...

    love the little venture thru your day! i didn't know you moved the treadmill... SMART!

  11. So glad White Dog has a forever home!

  12. I am so jealous of your pool and that lovely rain...beautiful!

    Love that you watch the hosuewifes while you run :)

  13. I am so glad White Dog found a home that needs her.

    Salad for breakfast? I had quinoa and roasted veggies.

    Rain? We've driven all day in the rain. Looks like more of the same tomorrow...

    I too spotted the art work on our walls. They are wonderful.

  14. Love the artwork in the 'fun' room. :) So happy that white dog now has a new forever home...and the cats can come out hiding. I'm thinking I'll just stick with toast for breakfast.

    If I can remember, I'm going to try this next month. Looks like a fun way to find something pretty in the every day. Loved the rain too, btw. :)

  15. As much as you love dogs and feel good about the White Dog's forever home, then we are happy for White Dog and you, too! High point of day was eating supper with Hubby & 2 friends at an Italian restaurant owned and operated by an Italian family.

  16. Love your set. Now I want some mahi-mahi while listening to 80's music.

  17. OH I love this challenge:)
    So glad your white baby found the perfect home.
    My high point today. Escaping my home with a flodded basement. Grr and arriving at a beautiful cottage. March Breack for us! Yeah!

  18. Great photos! I love the artwork and your funny captions!!

  19. Suz I love your set thank you so much for participating again this month - happy tenth! oh and salad for breakfast? you rock!

  20. I want to come swim in your pool!

    Real Housewives definitely make the treadmill better ;-)

  21. Here from 10 on 10. Looks like your day was productive! The highlight of my Thursday is the fact that tomorrow is FRIDAY! Can't wait for the weekend!

  22. tell us who she went to! and all the juicy details... erm, white doggie..

    i loved the artwork in your excersize room! i have put my kids ones up too!

    i love the beautiful rain, i bet it sounds so beautiful and comforting when it hits the pool.

  23. I am glad white dog has a home. And I would love to take her place at your home. If I can swim in that pool. The highlight of my day was sharing a drink with some friends.

  24. I was going to ask about that White Dog. And then you answered it in the end.
    I am so hungry right now and seeing that salad isn't helping any. It's like when I watch Top Chef really late at night and am drooling over all of that food. And then I sneak into the kitchen and stuff some cheese whales into my face. Ah, it's like good sex. You know, the kind from your 20s. Not the boring married for 20 years stuff.
    Your Friend, m.

  25. I love the rain and your cute dogs! I want to nap the way they do!

  26. Yeah, I'm happy to hear the white dog has found a new home. I hope everybody at your house is happy about it.
    Your pool area is gorgeous, and I love the artwork on your walls.

  27. That rainy pool looks amazing!

  28. Gorgeous pics, your dogs are adorable! We have a new puppy (almost 6 months old) and English Mastiff! You have to love those faces! :)

  29. I'm glad the White Dog has found a good home. I found the ten hours of your day interesting -- never boring.


    (I'm leaving the side door ajar, Cocoa. Hopin' you heard me.)

  31. thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! was that rain INSIDE the pool area??

  32. Hi Suz, Glad you found a good home for white dog... All is well which ends well... Right?????

    On Thursday, we were just getting ready to come home after a fabulous birthday trip to Amicalola Falls near Dahlonega, GA.... It rained there BIGTIME--but that made the waterfalls even prettier...


  33. High point of Thursday was safely landing @ SeaTac - AFTER the 60 mph winds had passed by.
    I am so thankful that God had a home waiting for your foster-dog. She did not seem to fit the bill for your casa - even from all the way up here.
    On the rain photos: if you love it, you need to bring your tribe up here for a bit of the wet stuff. We have MORE than our share, and are happy to see you smile in it. Did you see Laura's fb video the other day? SHEETS of rain, my dear. xoxoxox

  34. Love the edited day :) :)
    And that all turned out right for everyone aka the dog's where she's suppose to be. Good deed Suz...

  35. you were being ironic right? Nothing remotely mundane about that day ( not from where I am sitting). I want a Floridian home and I want one NOW

  36. love the rain picture. and 80's music - yes!

  37. Suz: I wouldn't mind the rain if I had a view like THAT!

    I would've taken that white Boxer! I'm glad she has her "permanent" home now and you were such gem to be her stepping stone there!

  38. As much as you love animals, I have no doubt that you have found the perfect, loving, forever home for the white dog. Hope you have a great week.
    Oh, my highlight was the painter prepared authentic Mexican dishes for our lunch on Friday!!!

  39. YOu are so healthy! Salad, salmon, and a treadmill. Impressive! Housewives in any city makes everything bearable! ;)

  40. Good evening, Suz,
    What fun...a photo every hour, on the hour on the 10th? Remind me on the 9th of April and I'll try to play along.

    Now...I had to look twice to make sure you weren't having beer with your salad for breakfast.

    And the look on White Dog's face...I know just what he's saying. "Thanks you were the best foster family a dog could ever ask for. Thanks for helping me find my real family!"

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

  41. Busy Bee! You MUST tell us more of this happy ending for White Dog! I'm soooo thrilled :-D

  42. I'm glad the white dog dilemma is solved. She is happy, and you are happy, and I hope the white dog lovers in your family are happy, too.


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